Shirtless Pipeaway blogger Ivan Kralj walking over the Red Dunes sands in Mui Ne, Vietnam - photo by Ivan Kralj
About Us

Who is Ivan Kralj?

I am a wanderer. After successful careers in the fields of Croatian journalism and European cultural production, I have opted for the life of a full-time traveler.

Yes, I know, you’ve already heard so many stories about people leaving their steady 9-to-5 jobs for revolutionary adventures such as traveling the world. Supposedly, they end up laying around on paradise beaches, sipping cocktails while slaves are running to serve them, and telling you, between their sips, that it’s possible for you too to adopt their seemingly amazing lifestyle!

Our colleague Ivan Kralj is the new proof that God does not exist. In fact, if the Supreme would have existed, Ivan Kralj would have already done an interview with him. from the yearly journalist award explanation

Well, hopefully, this is not that kind of story.

I felt the world was changing so fast in front of our eyes that I needed to pipe my ship away from the beautiful Croatian shores (check them out if you can), and get to see the rest before it’s gone.

Terrorists destroying historical treasures in the Middle East, European countries defending their borders from immigrants with barbed wire, political changes in the United States or the Cuban president passing away, climate changes melting the ice caps and sinking the islands, animal species getting extinct… The list of radical changes in our environment goes on and on.

What is left to save and how to do it?

In order to share the mapping of the extraordinary people, places, and passions, I have started a blog: It would not save the world, but hopefully, it would save my memories of what I found truly valuable about it.

Amazing individuals, one-of-a-kind locations, and rituals we engage in to make us closer… These are all the stories worth telling.

Hopefully, they could inspire others to do amazing things, to find courage for life-changing decisions, and hug each other before we are gone.

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Pipeaway is open for the following types of collaborations:

  • Press trips
  • Hotel, restaurant, and experience reviews/features
  • Tour/attractions features
  • Hospitality industry consultancy
  • Product reviews
  • Festival coverage
  • Freelance writing and photography
  • Guest posts in other media
  • Interviews
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Giveaways
  • Travel advising/planning/trip leading
  • Speaking engagement, lectures, workshops and presentations
  • Brand ambassadorship

Awards and honors

  • Yearly journalist award for investigative journalism (TV), CJA, 1999
  • Yearly journalist award for the best reportage (print), CJA, 2000
  • Yearly journalist award for the best interview (print), CJA, 2001
  • The website of the year, editor-in-chief, Radio 101 Award, 2004

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