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Pipeaway travel newsletter #113; AI image by DALL-E.

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Hi from the safety of my home!

I’m opening this week’s newsletter in this way because the world is increasingly becoming an unsafe place. Not everyone can feel safe at their home. From Ukraine to Palestine, from Sudan to Myanmar, millions are robbed of the luxury of a home.

I often wonder whether covering travel topics in such a world has any relevance. Hopefully, we’re not just playing violins on a sinking ship.

Today’s newsletter is all about travel safety. On this day, exactly 15 years ago, US Airways Flight 1549 struck a flock of birds and had to perform an emergency landing on the river, today known as the Miracle on the Hudson.

After recent incidents, such as Alaska Airlines losing a door plug mid-flight, we’ve all become more sensitive about flight safety. The FAA even called parents to stop traveling with babies in their laps, to prevent them from being sucked out of the plane.

We’ve started noticing plane defects, from falling panels to quick duct tape fixes. Some of us just head straight for the nearest exit, even if that means falling out of the plane.

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Places to avoid.
  • Images: Making space for birds, lakes, and… well, space.
  • Numbers: Hot summers and cold showers.
  • P.S.: Drive into savings.

Have a safe week!

Ivan Kralj        


"Society of the Snow", Netflix reconstruction of an actual photo survivors of the Andes plane crash in 1972 took at the plane wreckage.

Surviving the Unthinkable – 72 Days in the Andes

In 1972, what was supposed to be a 72-hour trip to Chile turned into a 72-day struggle for life in the remote Andes Mountains. The Uruguayan plane crash on Friday 13 was revived on Netflix as “Society of the Snow”, a survival thriller that will make you think. What challenges did they face, and how did they overcome them? Learn about threats and solutions of the fallen Flight 571 in these essential 9 survival lessons!




You don’t need to end up in a plane crash to fear an avalanche. It’s a skiing season, and the mountains have already claimed lives. Be among the responsible skiers!


Icon of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built, is set to launch in late January. But did you know that it’s equipped with just enough lifeboats to save paying customers? How would the crew evacuate?


You have already learned where you should travel in 2024. But overtourism, natural disasters, or even routine maintenance, are reasons enough to not visit certain places this year. Save these destinations for a later date.




Imagine being stranded in a passenger boarding bridge for an hour because someone smeared chocolate over seats. It’s a sticky situation, but certainly a lesser hazard than a leaking cooler with a dead bird.


That birdie wouldn’t melt at the world’s oldest and coldest lake. In winter, Lake Baikal’s temperature can drop to -20°C. Photographer Kristina Makeeva captures its frozen beauty.


Now, let’s venture into an even deeper and even colder space – THE space. If you were dreaming of space tourism, the recently awarded architect Jordan William Hughes proposes to get you up without a rocket launch. The vehicle shooting at the stars could be Ascensio – the space elevator.




The sum Alaska Airlines offered to each passenger of flight AS 1282, a plane whose door plug flew away. The compensation package also includes a ticket refund and a counseling session.


The number of airplane accidents that happened during landing between 2005 and 2023. According to IATA, 53% of all accidents occur during this last phase of a flight.

1.5° C

The temperature rise above preindustrial levels that was, for the first time, crossed in 2023. Nearly a third of the world’s population lived in a region that experienced a local heat record, in the warmest year ever.

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This is the archived version of our free weekly newsletter. To start receiving it in your mailbox on the send-out day, join the newsletter list!

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Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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