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Happy Earth Day!Well, I have no idea how happy the Earth is, with us being the dominant species. Facebook reminded me that, a couple of years ago, I called humans temporary pests. This was before I discovered that the “3 Body Problem” also called us bugs. The metaphor doesn’t paint people only as annoying beings, but also highly vulnerable ones.

Without waiting for an advanced alien race to eliminate us, we are perfectly capable of harming ourselves and our home planet.

For instance, global warming just resulted in the worst mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef ever recorded.

Dubai, the host of that controversial climate conference, experienced historic thunderstorms that practically flooded the city. The heaviest rainfall in 75 years forced the busiest international airport to suspend operations.

Global warnings are everywhere, and yet, we’re hitting the snooze button on this alarm clock. Last week, the Scottish Government ditched their 2030 net-zero target, proclaiming it out of reach.

In the middle of the world’s largest rainforest, an indigenous Colombian town proves sustainability is definitely an option. Puerto Nariño has only two registered vehicles – a tractor for rubbish collection and an ambulance for emergencies.

However, we don’t have to head to Amazonia to learn that living in harmony with nature is not just possible, but the only way to survive these times.

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Planet vs. plastics, passengers vs. forgetfulness.
  • Images: Food, flowers, forests, and female essentials.
  • Numbers: Fighting tourists with police, building permits, and hunger strikes.
  • P.S.: All aboard the deal express!

Have an Earth-loving week!

Ivan Kralj        


Silly Side: Why did the Earth blush? Because it saw the Moon's cheesy grin during an eclipse. Ready for some terrestrial news? Click away on the stories around which you orbited the most!


Planet Earth shaped like a heart and wrapped like a present for Earth Day; image by Ivan Kralj/Midjourney.


Earth to Humans: Time for a Check-Up!

International Mother Earth Day rolls around every April 22, urging us to be kinder to our only home. The observance was launched in 1970, a year after the first moonwalk. The photographs of the planet taken during Apollo flights made it to the official Earth Day flag. If you want to celebrate, you can definitely wave the flag and yell out Earth Day quotes and slogans. But you can also walk the talk: adopt these simple ways to cut down on carbon footprints while traveling! Make every day Earth Day.




The global theme for Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics”. We produce 380 million tons of plastic per year and recycle a measly 9%. Examples of plastic pollution are everywhere, even on islands supposedly banning plastic bags, and then wrapping up bananas (out of all fruit!). One environmentalist gave tips for eco-friendly shopping.


Barcelona successfully dealt with tourists overcrowding local buses by removing the 116 route from Google Maps. In unrelated news, Google Maps now shows the nearest EV charging spots! That’s a perfect spark for an electric car road trip. Maybe you can even visit Croatia, the homeland of Nikola Tesla (the inventor whose name Elon Musk appropriated for his brand), and the world’s fastest electric supercar (Concept One by Mate Rimac). From May 26, you can join the world’s quietest rally here – Nikola Tesla EV Rally.


If you thought Uber lost and found stories of 2023 were bizarre (we saw everything from false dentures to rash creams), the 2024 index hits new levels of hilarity with a fart sensor and a garden fence (?). People mainly lose red stuff, the most forgetful day is January 21, and the most absent-minded hours are between 9 and 10 pm.




Photographers from over 65 countries entered a global food fight at the 13th edition of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year contest. The creativity reigns in delicious images ranging from fields to markets to mouthwatering studio shots. Feast your eyes on the works of shortlisted candidates.


Japan is known for its hanami (flower viewing) tradition. But cherry blossoms bring joy to the entire world, from New York to Ukraine. Check out trees dolled up in white and pink, like brides and bridesmaids on a frenzied shopping spree for the perfect dress. For even more arboreal love, explore #Top4Forests on Twitter.


The Chinese city of Nanjing is famed for its plum blossoms, which supposedly stood as an inspiration for the design of the North Nanjing train station to be constructed soon. However, the building has a striking resemblance to a sanitary pad.




The number of foreigners that Bali deported in 2023, up from 188 in 2022. To deal with the rise of violations (overstaying, illegal work, indecent exposure in sacred places), more than 70 tourism police officers have been deployed. The Island of Gods struggles with overtourism, as 65% of groundwater serves the tourism industry, drying up more than half of their rivers.

20 million

The maximum number of hotel overnight stays in Amsterdam in a year, per new rules. To tackle mass tourism issues, a new hotel will get a building permit only if another one closes, if the number of sleeping places doesn’t increase, and if the hotel is more sustainable.

14.1 million

The number of foreign visitors to the Canary Islands in 2023, a record for the archipelago. But not all is sunshine and sangria. Poverty looms for a third of locals, and high rents forced some to even sleep in cars and caves. To protest against the construction of the two new hotels, activists organized a hunger strike.

Omio logo.


Your Ticket to a Discounted Adventure

Planning a trip by train, bus, or ferry? Use Omio, the platform that brings together more than 1,000 transportation providers from Europe to the United States. It doesn’t just give you a smooth solution to compare your options and find the right price for your budget. Omio also directly rewards you – until April 30, they’re dishing out a 10% discount. Find the promo code APRIL, and hop on board your next adventure today!


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