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Happy Wednesday!

The Monday newsletter arriving mid-week? Surprise, surprise.

Indeed, I disappeared. Not in a way that I ran away from everyone and everything.

Sometimes, you could prefer to lock yourself in some impenetrable castle, but life is rarely such a fairytale.

But I did feel locked last week. I moved to the Croatian coast, to help out one luxury resort in the pre-opening phase. It sounds more glamorous than it is. Mostly physical work, arranging private villas, furniture, and other equipment.

It’s easy to feel defeated after 12 or 14 hours of hard labor which leaves just a few moments to breathe.

This newsletter fell victim too, and I turned out to be not one, but two days late. I’m sorry if you were hopelessly waiting.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: From smiles to tears.
  • Images: Natural and less natural spectacles.
  • Numbers: Money makes the world go round.
  • P.S.: June e-SIM specials.

Have a lockless week!

Ivan Kralj        

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Dogsitting the rescued dog, Ivan Kralj taking care of a dog named Krumpira, lying together on the floor, black-and-white photo by Ivan Kralj


Father’s Day in Absence

In the United States, the third Sunday in June holds a special significance as Father’s Day. I never celebrated it, but for three years and five months now, my Father is not around. It was the cancer that ate him slowly for thirteen years, claiming victory in the last round. For me, his journey stayed a reminder of how important it is to take care of yourself.




According to a global study conducted by Remitly, the top 5 friendliest countries for tourists are South Africa, Greece, Croatia, Mexico, and Sweden.


Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire who boosted even my hopes of a trip to space, canceled the lunar flight. As the dearMoon launch may not happen before the 2030s, the businessman apologized to everyone excited about the project.


Willy’s Chocolate Experience, that epic confectionery catastrophe in Glasgow, will get its own musical. “Willy’s Candy Spectacular” is a parody production that will premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, billed as “Fyre Fest of Fudge”.




William Anders, the astronaut who circled the Moon in 1968 and snapped the famous Earthrise photo, died in a plane crash, at the age of 90.


With climate change, even natural attractions need an unnatural facelifting. The scenic waterfall in Yuntai Mountain Park in China is supplied by water pipes in the dry season so that tourists won’t miss out on the spectacular experience.


The Via Ferrata Loen in Norway now has a new attraction – Stigull, a 40-meter-long rope ladder suspended 800 meters above the Nordfjord. This terrifying ladder sits at a 45-degree angle, but luckily you won’t have to descend the same way. Loen Skylift, one of the world’s steepest cable cars, brings you back to terra firma in five minutes.



The percentage of spending in the luxury travel market made by non-millionaires. In 2023, according to a McKinsey report, these aspiring luxury travelers cashed out $84 billion on accommodation that costs at least $500 per night. By devoting an out-sized share of their wealth to experiences, they spent more than high net-worth travelers (worth $1-5 million), who accounted for 33% of the market.

$5.25 million

The listed price of the famous ‘Home Alone’ house in Chicago. If you cannot afford the iconic McCallister real estate, you can always comfort yourself with a $300 dollar-worth ‘Home Alone’ ice cream.


The all-time high temperature a Delhi weather station recorded recently, reported to have a faulty weather sensor. Still, the ice cream’s melting quickly, as the heatwave in the Indian capital broke records with thermometers displaying up to 49.1˚C.


Airalo logo.


Roam Freely, Save Big

Solve the pain of exorbitant roaming charges by accessing the world’s pioneering eSIM store – Airalo. During the month of June, you can seize the chance to pocket extra savings. Newcomers to Airalo can unlock a 15% discount with the promo code AIRALOJUNE15. Already loyal patrons can enjoy a 10% discount using AIRALOJUNE10. The offer you can claim on this link expires on June 30.


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