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Pipeaway travel newsletter #108; AI image by DALL-E.

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Hi from Dubai!

Well, that’s a lie. But lies have a lot to do with Dubai visitors these days. The greatest climate summit in history wants to phase out fossil fuels, yet the Arabian oil lobby is blocking the deal.

Nearly 100 thousand delegates flew to the United Arab Emirates to talk about a sustainable future, yet many arrived by private jets, the greatest air polluters available.

There are better ways to use private jets. Last week, 52 endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, the victims of that same climate change, were flown from frigid New England waters to warmer Florida.

While our political elites are slow as these turtles, they are hardly critically endangered. I’m looking into the hypocrisy of this critical moment in this week’s feature, but also…

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Hidden gems, bras, and rooms.
  • Images: How to enjoy a white and wet Christmas.
  • Numbers: Book a flight to a million-dollar-looking destination (plus a hidden fee).
  • P.S.: Slash 5 euros off transport.

Have a sustainable week!

Ivan Kralj           


King Charles presented as an ostrich burying his head in Dubai sand at COP28 climate summit, where numerous delegates arrived in private jet planes; AI image by Ivan Kralj, with DALL-E and Adobe.

Charles Charade and Dubai Debacle

The UN’s climate conference COP28 graced Dubai this year, with an oil sultan presiding it. What could go wrong? As if they were Taylor Swift herself, many political masterminds flew to Dubai on private jets, promising to leave a mammoth carbon footprint behind. King Charles had the opening speech, calling his colleagues to action above rhetoric, and yet – he was the one who landed in a private jet, parking it next to the private jets of the British PM and foreign secretary.




While statistics tell us that a majority of us prefer Christmas at home, with Americans caring the least about Christmas markets, European December attractions still have festive allure. Travelers picked Budapest as the best Advent feast this year, while TikTokers are most attracted to the Christmas market in Manchester.


British Airways instructed female cabin crew to wear white bras because the new uniform blouses they provided were see-through.


Imagine booking a hotel room with a secret door leading to a hidden room with a door leading to another hidden room. Or just see it here.




Tired of ugly Christmas sweaters? Jason Gardner’s global quest captures winter festival costumes, proving a creepy mask is the new festive chic!


Books are made out of trees, so why wouldn’t trees be made out of books? My favorite Christmas tree this year is the one at London’s St Pancras train station sculpted from 3,800 books. Another English tree, leaning like a Tower of Pisa, inspired a whole trend of putting trees at an angle. For more and less traditional Christmas tree inspiration, check out these and these.


Venice usually drowns in tourists, but a group from China decided to make a splash of their own. When a gondolier warned them to stop taking selfies, they didn’t listen. Their weight distribution on the gondola boat led to a selfie-induced capsize.




The golden ratio that makes things in nature beautiful, and was found to be embraced by Chester, an English city that is now officially the prettiest in the world, overtaking Venice in beauty.


The amount of pounds Ryanair passengers were requested to pay if they wanted to download a digital boarding pass. That’s a new low for junk fees.

4.7 billion

The number of travelers that will fly in 2024, according to IATA’s crystal ball. That would be a 4.4% surge from results of the pre-pandemic 2019.

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