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Hi from home!

Where’s that for you?

Statista’s survey tells us that the majority of us will spend Christmas at the same place – home sweet home. From 53% of people in Mexico or France to 66% in the UK, we don’t see the holiday season as an opportunity for a trip, but for something familiar – a staycation. There are fantastic places, but there’s no place like home, right?

Well, being “forgotten” has its charms, as long as you have someone’s credit card in your pocket. As Kevin McCallister learned, there are certain joys to Home Alone sundae and other room service delights. We should treat ourselves once in a while!

As you’re watching the traditionally screened movies on TV (because you’re scared of Mariah Carey’s radio grip), imagine traveling to all those iconic sets. If you’re in the United States or Kingdom, you could even visit the locations of classic holiday films in person.

However, this special season, equally embraced by believers and atheists alike, offers the perfect excuse to enjoy the coziness of our homes, away from the world. Well maybe with a family, chosen friends, a beloved pet, or just a snug blanket. It all works.

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Hungry for adventure?
  • Images: All the twinkling lights.
  • Numbers: Runaway hotels.
  • P.S.: A gift of delicious surprises.

Have a cozy week!

Ivan Kralj           


A group of happy people eating together, social dining; photo by Drazen Zigic, Freepik.

Home Is Where the Stomach Is

If you’re away from what you consider home, and still craving the Christmas feast, you don’t have to settle with the traditional restaurants. Eatwith is an application that lets you combine spontaneity with cultural immersion, through a culinary experience at a chef’s home! Why settle for a bland menu when you can feast on stories, laughter, and secret family recipes? When you eat with locals, bring an empty stomach and an open mind!




Winter is soup season, as the greatest comfort comes in a bowl. Slurp your way through steamy broths at these soup locations. But remember, the plane sink is not your kitchen!


If the story of a passenger cooking shrimp mid-flight is the weirdest you heard, what would you say about this Russian who mysteriously managed to land in LA without a plane ticket, a visa, or even a passport?


Skip the skies, and hop on the snowpiercer trains. Discover the winter magic on these enchanting magic carpets, and get off only to visit the world’s best ski hotels!




Photographer Stephen Pemberton pulled off the cosmic triple axel. He captured the Aurora Borealis, the Milky Way, and STEVE in one shot. Here are some more northern light spectacles for your pleasure!


Away from the space phenomena, people were finding other things to look at a century ago. They’d adorn their heads with stars and dress up like Christmas trees. Aren’t you glad we invented the ugly sweater fashion in the meantime?


For even more twinkling lights, head to Agnone, a hilltop town in Italy, where Ndocciata, one of the largest fire rituals, lights up December nights with thousands of torches.




The amount in dollars a woman was asked to pay in Perth, Australia, because her blow dryer set off the hotel’s fire alarm. This hair-raising surprise was triggered by the fourth false fire alarm this year, and as the first three fire department interventions are free, the hotel decided to pass the cost of this one on to the guest.


The amount in dollars that buys you a night in a villa on COMO Laucala Island, a private island resort in Fiji. It is one of the priciest luxury accommodations in the world, but who needs money once you end up in paradise?


The number of soap bars used to move a former hotel in Nova Scotia closer to the street. The building weighs 220 tons, yet soft soap provided a smooth slide.

Try The World logo.

Snack the Globe: Taste the World from Your Home

You’re a foodie traveler, but don’t like dealing with the hassle of airports and jet lag? Try the World has your back! They’ll send you a monthly discovery box filled with delicious international snacks and treats. From savory delights in Spain to decadent sweets in France, and even quirky candies from South Korea, you’ll experience a true taste adventure. If you’re looking for a gourmet gift, this snack subscription is a perfect holiday savior!

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Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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