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Pipeaway travel newsletter #112; AI image by DALL-E.

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Hi from frosty Zagreb!

The temperatures here are flirting with zero, giving us a taste of a true winter to kick off the new year.

This period always makes my mind float away to some tropical paradise. Well, it’s not just daydreaming; ideas start to roll on how I could achieve that physically, for real. I’m a certified warm-weather person. How about you?

The cold seeps into my bones and muscles, and refuses to leave me alone. My blood freezes.

These days, I was warming my fingers by adding a new category to Pipeaway’s site – the newsletter archive. From edition #101 onwards, newsletters are uploaded online too, but with a slight delay. E-mail subscribers will still be the first to get the hottest picks of stories, shots, and stats.

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Plane pains and dry abstains.
  • Images: Fly me to the Moon, frostscapes, and Panama.
  • Numbers: Venice, Vietnam, and vegans.
  • P.S.: Rollin’ on two!

Have a warm week!

Ivan Kralj           


Pipeaway's 2023 year review; AI image created by Dall-e.


Pipeaway’s 2023 Year in Review: Between Turmoil and Triumphs

The past year, 2023, was a turbulent one. Global crises multiplied, environmental disasters became regular news, and traveling continued to be a privilege. Still, there’s value in getting to know other places, people, and passions. Despite the challenges, 2023 turned out to be the most successful year in Pipeaway’s history. If you’re curious about the rollercoaster ride that brought this blog among the top 500k websites in the world, dive into our 2023-year review.




After landing at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a Japan Airlines plane turned into a fireball when it collided with a coastguard plane on a relief mission to Niigata Prefecture, struck by a New Year’s Day earthquake. All passengers on the JAL flight survived the plane crash because they left their hand luggage behind. In another incident, an Alaska Airlines flight lost a part of the plane’s sidewall shortly after departure. Would you still prefer a window seat? Both airlines rank among the safest in the world, according to the newest AirlineRatings.


It’s confusing when people board planes without tickets, like this Cathay Pacific passenger in Japan. But Turkish Airlines flight had a feline stowaway, and had to return to the gate to investigate who brought the cat onboard. At United, dogs can fly first class and even enjoy a gourmet dinner. Speaking of special meals, an IndiGo passenger found a live animal in her veggie sandwich.


January is known as Veganuary, but also dry January. Cut out alcohol in these very sober sanctuaries.




Check out the Moon trapped in L’Arc de Triomphe in the selection of the best photographs of 2023 by My Modern Met, fly over a polar bear having a siesta in a field of flowers among the laureates of the International Photography Awards, or look for vibrant colors of Vietnamese incense sticks at reFocus Awards.


Sculptures made of a frozen river attracted thousands of visitors to Harbin’s annual Ice and Snow Festival. If Chinese Ice City is out of your reach, grab your mittens and check out one of the winter festivals in the USA, Canada, Japan, and Lithuania.


Global warming is creating the first climate change refugees in the Caribbean. Facing rising sea levels, Guna people will start evacuating the densely packed island of Gardi Sugdub in February, and move to mainland Panama.




The maximum number of people in a group Venice will allow from June. To tackle the tidal wave of 110,000 daily visitors, the Italian lagoon town will introduce €5 tickets during peak hours in high season. Also struggling with mass tourism, Greece just launched a climate tax.


The fine Vietnamese TikTokker has to pay for posting a video that suggested Cambodia’s Angkor Wat was in – Thailand.


The yearly spike in vegan meal requests at Emirates. To respond to the plant-based diet demand, the airline cooked up more than 300 vegan recipes.

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