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Hi from Zagreb!

Spring seems to be around the corner, with global warming speeding up the calendar. Warmer temperatures are here for all the wrong reasons, calling us outside.

Are you planning your first spring trip already? And how exactly do you do it? Relying on your brain cells, or trusting the now omnipresent artificial intelligence?

I was surprised to read the story of a bride who used ChatGPT to curate her honeymoon. Picking even the most romantic itinerary seems to come with decision fatigue. Delegating the task to AI can spare us from troubles. Well, as long as the spat-out itinerary doesn’t have some troublesome mistakes.

But the technology advances. One British startup is developing an AI that would help hotels detect bedbugs. Smart solutions for tourism of tomorrow are not to be ignored.

I used an AI to help me reimagine the world burdened with climate change. It was a bittersweet task you can check out in the feature spotlight. But first, take a quick peek at the alphabet of this week’s content!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Airports, beets, cherries.
  • Images: Hotels, huts, hooves.
  • Numbers: Pets & scams.
  • P.S.: Zzzzzz.

Have a naturally intelligent week!

Ivan Kralj        

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Pope Francis laughing while dveouring chocolate and making a mess on his hands and chin; AI image by Ivan Kralj / Alchemy.


Chocotopia – A World Where Chocolate Reigns Supreme

Chocolate is in danger. Climate change, pests, and diseases are threatening to wipe out the precious cocoa crops that make our favorite treat. But what if we could imagine a parallel universe where chocolate was abundant and everywhere? A world where Putin would be a chocoholic, and the Pope a – chocatholic? With the power of AI, I conjured up a dreamy and creamy world of chocolate, with iconic landmarks and events that will make you crave it!




The best airport in the world, Changi Airport in Singapore, will install a gigantic solar panel system on its roof. This should reduce its carbon emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year. Meanwhile, in the heart of Italian wine country, Florence’s new airport plans to plant a vineyard on its roof.


Thinking of catching Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms? Plan to arrive 10 days earlier. Sadly, early Sakura has become a norm since 2020. Experts even estimate that, if we don’t reduce greenhouse gases, the pink confetti event could shift to February.


After hundreds of years of family tradition, one Austrian sold his herd and decided to grow vegetables, pickle fruit, and produce beet schnapps instead. “We’re living on a cattle planet,” says Simon Vetter who proved that success doesn’t have to contribute to climate change.




Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway is the first ice-made hotel operating year-round. Sip cocktails at the ice bar, snuggle up in a snow cave, and let huskies take you for a ride! Check out the frosty rates here.


When Ontario’s Lake Simcoe freezes in winter and ice fishing starts, 4,000 cozy huts pop up on its surface. Photographer Richard Johnson captures the vibrant charm of these seasonal villages. Speaking of cozy, that’s our X challenge this week!


If you’re still enjoying some ski slopes, watch out for the moose on the loose!




The price to ship two small-breed dogs from the UK to the USA. Another owner was quoted $6,000 for her dog’s Trans-Atlantic transfer. With fees going up by 400%, shipping pets overseas costs a paw and a leg. Do they serve them champagne and caviar in the fur class?


The amount an American traveler lost after being asked to wire the money directly to her Booking.com host. Scamflation hit all accommodation services. Airbnb has blocked 157,000 sketchy listings in 2023 alone.


The total loss Spirit Airlines experienced after five employees used their position to waive flight-change fees of 1,600 reservations for a commission. They’d book cheap flights, reroute them to farther destinations, and charge zero for the airline. Nobody likes hidden travel expenses, but these customer service agents booked a trip to prison.

Hostelworld logo.


Dormitory Dreams Meet Discounts

Hostelworld is a global online booking platform offering over 17,000 hostels in more than 179 countries. Until cherry blossoms fade (that should be late April), their promotion gets you discounts of up to 65%! Buckle up your backpacks because now is the ideal time to embark on a hostel-hopping adventure. Bookings must be made before April 8, here’s the link to the promotion.

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This is the archived version of our free weekly newsletter. To start receiving it in your mailbox on the send-out day, join the newsletter list!

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