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Hi from Zagreb!

Have you watched the Oscars? March is the time we always talk about women’s rights, yet “Barbie” lost most of its races. But fear not, if you were rooting for the pink flick, you can live out your Barbie dreams at one of the Barbie hotels popping up faster than you can say ‘red carpet’. The newest on this rosy block is Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, as Mattel just signed the partnership for a Barbie-themed summer!

Speaking of missed opportunities, “Society of the Snow” survivors also didn’t survive the race in the international category, but it’s still worth a Netflix binge-watch!

The real-life drama, “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” in Glasgow calls for the attention of Netflix producers too. While we wait to see if this prediction becomes a reality, the character from that disastrous event is surely getting their horror movie. The Unknown scared the s**t out of the attending kids, so a production company announced the release of the scary movie in late 2024.

But there is good news to be shared too!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: And the travel Oscar goes to…
  • Images: Stroll through European gardens, fly over Japan’s orchards.
  • Numbers: Bigger, pricier, safer.
  • P.S.: Cash in your travel passion.

Have a film-worthy week!

Ivan Kralj        


Shannon Coggins, Theo Simon, and their daughter Rosa standing by the road on their slow travel journey to Australia, a part of their "Buckle Up Dorothy" project to visit a wedding Down Under as no-fly family.


One Family’s Eco-Friendly Expedition Down Under

Ever felt the itch to head Down Under but cringed at the thought of sky-high emissions? Meet Shannon, Theo, and Rosa, the real-life nomads who ditched the plane for a wild, wingless ride to Australia! Join their four-month saga of buses, trains, and boats, as they try to prove you can reach Oz without flying over it! Read our exclusive interview with the British slow-travel family!




The World Travel Awards crowned Europe’s finest in Berlin. Greece is the leading destination, but Portuguese places such as Madeira, Braga, and Azores won in their respective categories. Lufthansa celebrated as an airline, Zurich as an airport, while for the hotels, and other winners in literally hundreds of categories, check out the official list. At Berlin’s ITB fair, PATWA also chose their winners, and the global destination of the year is – Brazil.


International Women’s Day reminds us that we live in a very male-centric society. National Geographic just produced the first wildlife series led by women. Narrated by Angela Bassett, “Queens” celebrates the true queens of the jungle, fierce matriarchies, and female resilience. Available on Disney+ and Hulu.


More and more young people spend a crazy amount of time traveling to achieve their dreams. A New York student Vincent Campanaro commutes to Florida every weekend for his internship, while a Canadian student Tim Chen flies to Vancouver for classes twice a week as that’s cheaper than paying rent. Still, none of them compare to a German teenage programmer Lasse Stolley who practically lives on trains.



Spring is tiptoeing in, ready to splash our world with hues aplenty. Whether you want to explore the vibrant European gardens or fly over Japan’s iconic cherry trees, get ready to paint your travels with nature’s palette! For the full spectrum explosion, head to X, and explore Top4Rainbows!


Move over, human influencers! Visit Finland has a new tourism ambassador – a reindeer called Vesku. You can follow the buck on Instagram, and even win summer trips to Lapland!


How many airport workers does it take to fold a stroller? No joke, for real!



57 km2

The size of the world’s biggest airport set to open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2030. More than a hundred times bigger than the world’s smallest country, King Salman International Airport plans to create 150,000 jobs, to serve 120 million passengers a year.

$1 billion

The compensation requested by three passengers suing Alaska Airlines for emotional trauma and PTSD caused by the blown-off door plug on their flight. Last week, a Boeing plane lost a crucial part of the aircraft again – this time, a tire!


The record-low plane accident rate in 2023 (1 accident on every 1.26 million flights). With only one fatal accident (turboprop), the fatality risk improved from 0.11 to 0.03. At this level of safety, a person would have to fly every day for 103,239 years to die in a plane crash.

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Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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