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Hi from Zagreb!

I don’t know how political you are, but a quarter of the world’s population will head to the polls in 2024. Croatia also has a super-election year; we should pick a new parliament/government, new members of the European Parliament, and a new President.

All of us will be hearing a lot of new promises. But the one offered by Tasmanian Premier these days especially caught my attention. Jeremy Rockliff promised his voters to build nothing less but the world’s largest chocolate fountain!

In the year that saw cocoa prices rocketing through the roof, the Tasmanian sweet devil pledged to invest $12 million in his chocolate dream. Hopefully, the PM’s channeling of Willy Wonka won’t resemble Willy’s Chocolate Experience in Glasgow, as we all know how that ended.

But enough politics, dive into this week’s selection of extraordinary stories, shots, and stats!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Hide and seek.
  • Images: From green to black.
  • Numbers: Who has the biggest one?
  • P.S.: Roam no more.

Have a fountaintastic week!

Ivan Kralj        

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Cartoon like image of a passenger applying an airplane seat belt, safety device against turbulences and accidents; AI image by Ivan Kralj / Dall-e.


The Exorcist at 30,000 Feet – Just Buckle Up!

A week ago, LATAM flight 800 from Sydney to Auckland experienced a sudden mid-air drop, tossing passengers around like popcorn in a microwave. The result: broken ribs, limbs, and head traumas. Someone compared the chaotic scene to “The Exorcist” movie. At least 50 people received medical attention, and a dozen were transported to hospitals. It’s a stark reminder: don’t wait for turbulence warnings to buckle up. This article on a plane seat belt could save your life!




It’s only March, but Boeing can already call it a rough year. Matador Network tried to list all the incidents so far, but just a day after they closed the article, another Boeing plane got into trouble. This time, United Flight 433 landed in Oregon without an external panel. After losing a door plug, a tire, and now a panel, what else could go missing? In other news, Boeing whistleblower John Barnett was found dead.


Airbnb updated its policy on surveillance, prohibiting the use of indoor security cameras. If your hosts still give you a creepy Big Brother vibe, learn how to spot hidden cameras!


One man’s checked gun never made it to the final destination, and it seems it was stolen at Atlanta Airport. Of course, this could be the news only in the US of A, where TSA intercepted 6,542 firearms in 2023, the highest number ever. The USA Today recently interviewed me for their feature on how safety concerns keep travelers away from the “land of the free”, check it out!




St. Patrick is more than just an Irish patron saint. From dyeing the Chicago River green to chasing leprechauns on street parades, St. Patrick’s Day is a global emerald extravaganza!


Remember those baffling monoliths that appeared out of thin air in 2020? From the desert in Utah to Romania and Turkey, mysterious objects were popping up like UFO sightings. Now, a local stone mason found another shiny metal prism atop Hay Bluff Hill in Wales.


Americans are over the moon for the upcoming eclipse event on April 8. But people have been in awe of this wonder for ages. Check out vintage photos of eclipse observers, and then watch the earliest film of the phenomenon, shot in 1900 by the magician Nevil Maskelyne. While you are readying your special blackout glasses, join this week’s #Top4Night X challenge.



105 m

The length of Europe’s longest infinity pool built on the rooftop of Petram Resort in Savudrija, Croatia. Reserve your stay here!

265 m

The height of the world’s tallest minaret erected next to Africa’s largest mosque, Djamaa El-Djazair in Algeria. Opened ahead of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, the mosque will be able to accommodate 120,000 people and a library with 1 million books.

2 km

The planned height of the world’s tallest skyscraper to be built in Riyadh. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the same guy financing the 170-kilometer-long The Line, wants the new architectural wonder to be taller than two Burj Khalifa towers atop each other.

Airalo logo.


Dial Down the Charges

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This is the archived version of our free weekly newsletter. To start receiving it in your mailbox on the send-out day, join the newsletter list!

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