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Last week was a whirlwind of celebrations!

In Pampanga, Ruben Enaje was nailed to the cross for the 35th time at Maleldo, the Filipino version of celebrating Christ’s resurrection.

If you’re a Hindu, or just love celebrating spring with colors, Holi brought rainbow explosions to the streets.

I celebrated last week too; Pipeaway turned seven on March 28! For this special occasion, I shared some previously untold stories (see featured spotlight!).

Before you dive in, remember that today is April Fools’ Day, a perfect day for pranking someone but also for being suspicious whenever you read “news”. We mark this period of silliness with #Top4Silly pictures on Twitter. Go and share yours!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Dark side of the moon and stars.
  • Images: Black bears, in the sky and on the ground.
  • Numbers: Skyrocketing prices, pollution, and meals.
  • P.S.: Easter discount still up for grabs.

Have a silly week!

Ivan Kralj        

Silly Side: Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend? Because he needed space! If you're not breaking up with us, please click on the link in today's newsletter that attracted you the most! That will mean the universe.


Illustration for seven dangers of travel shared on the occasion of seventh birthday of Pipeaway travel blog; image by Ivan Kralj / Dall-e.


7 Dangerous Years – From Trips to Trip-Ups

Even if travelers may skip telling stories that disperse the glamour, traveling is not all sunshine. For Pipeaway’s seventh anniversary, I bring you a rollercoaster of mishaps. On a scale from Kolkata to Pampanga, let’s just say it’s less of a colorful mess and more of a nailed-it type scenario. Less “eat, pray, love”, and more “ouch, pray, survive”. From slippery ho(s)tels in Europe to road rash in Asia, from hellish dunes to breathless undersea, I share blisters and bruises of my scariest accidents.




They say witnessing the eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for this 105-year-old sun chaser, it’s literally old news! On April 8, the North Americans will observe our star going dark. If you want to do it somewhere special, join mini pigs or giant elephants, or head to perfectly named spots along the path of totality, from Eclipse Island to Sun Valleys, Lunas, and Shadowland. Here’s Atlas Obscura’s countdown, with intriguing stories to prepare you for an amazing astronomical alignment.


Not all stars are admired. Draga di Lovrana restaurant in Croatia recently returned the Michelin star they earned in 2019. Turns out, the investment is unsustainable. The chef and owner Christian Nikolac claims that the exclusive star cost them money and guests.


After we have learned that lost luggage sales are fake as duck, it’s good to know that there are actual stores where you can buy items confiscated or lost at the airport. In this Texas store, you’ll find everything from nail clippers to vehicles.




Photographers in Iceland captured the rare double spectacle – an erupting volcano against the backdrop of the Northern Lights. Among the lucky shooters was a volcano chaser Marco di Marco. You can see the tango dance between Earth’s and sky’s lights in a timelapse video.


Oregon’s outback has been crowned the world’s largest dark sky sanctuary. The official designation will certainly boost tourism in the area, for all stargazers out there.


If you have trouble finding Greater and Lesser Bears in the sky, check out their Earth siblings. At UK’s Woburn Safari Park, black bears met a colossal swan.




The average increase in hotel daily rates on the path of totality. From today to next Monday, the astronomical accommodation prices will grow by 196%! Out of the eclipse’s path, Hendersonville in North Carolina is experiencing an increased tourist interest because of the immaculate conception of a stingray in a local aquarium.


The amount of PM2.5 in micrograms per cubic meter in Delhi, according to the World Air Quality 2023 Report. Only in seven countries, this dangerous particulate matter is below the acceptable 5 micrograms: Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Iceland, Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand. To protect your lungs, avoid the most polluted countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and Burkina Faso.


The price of the world’s most expensive meal, served in a space balloon. The chef behind Space Perspective’s out-of-this-world menu will be Rasmus Munk, a proud owner of two Michelin stars, and a space geek himself. His Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen has a large planetarium dome, but this collaboration will elevate fine dining to new heights, quite literally.

Tiqets logo.


Spring into Savings

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