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Greetings from Croatia!

Did you know that tourism generates one in every 10 dollars worldwide? With nearly 350 million jobs in its corner, 2024 is gearing up to be a record-breaking year, set to contribute a staggering $11.1 trillion to the global economy!

It’s a big year for the Kingdom of Bhutan too. The world’s first carbon-negative country opened its borders to foreign visitors exactly 50 years ago, in 1974. Furthering their commitment to sustainability and happiness, Buthan plans to build Gelephu, the impressive Mindfulness City.

Life is crazy, and all of us deserve a breather. You can unwind by reading a book in the park, heading deeper into nature (maybe exploring some lakes?), or taking a coffee break at its minimum.

I’m not the greatest coffee drinker, tried it only a few times in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the plant. However, I can understand its importance to many. More about this irreplaceable hot beverage in this week’s feature spotlight. But that’s not all…

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Lost passengers, newfound treasures.
  • Images: Nature and nurture.
  • Numbers: Coffee? Tea? Beer?
  • P.S.: Drive the bargain.

Have a mindful week!

Ivan Kralj        

Silly Side: Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged. But don't worry, your clicks won't end up in handcuffs! Explore the stories you like, and let me know if you brewed up some travel inspiration.


Vintage coffee grinder with a coffee cup in a blurred background - what are the best coffee destinations in the world?; photo by Tom Swinnen, Pexels.


Coffee Drinker’s Pilgrimage – Bean There, Sipped That

Whether you want to espresso yourself in Italy or tell your fortune in the bitter Turkish delight, looking for the best coffee can truly be a global adventure. From the lush plantations of Colombia and Brazil to ice-garnished tropical refreshments in Vietnam, this magical bean promises to wake you up. Smell the perfect cuppa at the world’s best coffee destinations!




Did you snooze through the solar event of the year? Fear not! The total solar eclipse returns on August 12, 2026, and you can see it in Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Russia, and Portugal. Until then, chase sun spectacles in Scandinavia (join the aurora hunter Lorenzo Mirandola), or head Down Under for the southern version of aurora borealis – aurora australis.


After they missed the “all aboard” call due to a delayed excursion, eight passengers were not allowed to embark on the still-anchored Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. Stranded on the island of São Tomé and Príncipe, they had to traverse seven African countries to catch up with the vessel.


That Gatwick lost luggage sale was nothing but a scam. But the very real Unclaimed Baggage store in Alabama released its first-ever annual report. Now we know what people tend to lose: from the mundane (undies aplenty) to the magnificent (a $37,050 diamond ring). Among the peculiar finds, let’s mention live snakes, a jar of shark teeth, and a Halloween card signed by President Nixon.




The World Nature Photography Awards crowned their 2024 champions, showcasing the wildlife across the continents. The overall winner is Tracy Lund with her underwater snapshot of Scottish seabirds. All images are available for purchase as wall art and, for each piece sold, the organization promises to plant a tree.


When New York experienced a violent thunderstorm last week, photographer Dan Martland struck it lucky. The lightning bolt hit the Statue of Liberty’s torch directly, and he got a strikingly good shot. Talk about flash photography!


For Muslims, Ramadan draws to a close, and the fasting is over. But in Malaysia, a beautiful cake of intricate patterns is an integral part of festivities. Check out the art of kek lapis!




The “curation fee” guests have to pay at Made Hotel in New York, to get things such as coffee, wifi, and an opportunity to hire a bike. If you stay in Fairmont Chateau Whistler in Canada, you’ll be required to pay a housekeeping surcharge, which amounts to $4.50 CAD plus $0.50 as literally – a fee on a fee. Ryanair also adds another junk fee of their own – a missed departure fee could cost you £100 (thankfully, the Norwegian Cruise Line hasn’t thought of that yet!). Remind yourself how to avoid hidden travel expenses.


The price of the afternoon tea you can add to your £100 ticket when visiting Balmoral Castle, the beloved home of Queen Elizabeth. Beware, taking photos of your royal tea experience is not permitted.


The price of Europe’s priciest pint, in Reykjavik, Iceland. The cheapest beer on the continent can be found in Minsk, Belarus, for just €1.05.

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Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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