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Pipeaway travel newsletter #101; AI image by DALL-E.

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Hi from Luzern!

I admit, I may not be there at all. With SBB’s Day-Pass ticket, you could brunch in Bern, immerse yourself in Walter Pfeiffer’s cult artworks in Kunstmuseum Luzern, walk over the charming covered wooden bridge in Olten, munch on flammkuchen in Bern (again!), and be back in Sion for the night. Using Swiss trains like cruise ships is fun. I’ve never cruised, so I’m just guessing that’s how hop-on-hop-off works.

Last week, I promised some newsletter facelifting. More than just the freshest content from Pipeaway, you can now expect a curated selection of stories, shots, and stats from the world of extraordinary travel.

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Ever felt frozen-stuck in a sumo sandwich?
  • Images: China’s gift to those who hate mountains.
  • Numbers: Tiny trekker, tiny nation, and not-so-tiny budget.
  • P.S.: Prada or nada.

Have a cruisy week!

Ivan Kralj           


During siesta, an older man lying down on the grass by the walking path in Cusco, Peru; photo by Diego Delso.

Snooze or Lose

Tired of working like a horse? Longing for some well-deserved downtime, some me-time, some zzz-time? If so, you are not alone. People around the world have become virtuosos at taking a timeout. It might be a leisurely snooze, a wander, or a record-breaking 50-day siesta marathon like they do in Montenegro. Learn how to take a break like a boss!




From piloting “Steamboat Willie” (1928) to now piping away on colossal cruise ships (floating theme parks set sail in 1998), Mickey Mouse had a long sailing career. The Walt Disney Company may have turned 100, but it’s still as playful as ever. Whether you are a fan of Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel, or classic Disney, you’ll discover treasures aplenty on a Disney cruise.


If the middle seat is your worst nightmare, imagine being in a row sandwiched between passengers weighing up to 140 kilograms each! Japan Airlines realized it would be a tight squeeze to safely fly with 27 sumo wrestlers on board, so they split the hefty load between two flights. If you are a plus-size traveler, this guide is your in-flight savior.


We already knew Uber passengers were a quirky bunch, but when hunger strikes, they order a steak with jelly. Wait, no peanut butter?!




NEOM, the architect of the new future, best known for The Line desert city, has a new visionary project for Saudi Arabia. Three out-of-this-world hotels in Leyja will allow you to sleep inside a rock, a mirror, or a cliff.


Hiking is physically challenging. But China found a solution that even Montenegro would envy: installing escalators that save time and energy. The painless mountain climbing is a sure way to escalate the debate.


One of these could actually be Santa Claus.




The age of the youngest person to visit all 63 US national parks. The little girl’s parents, the main drivers behind the toddler’s achievement, named her – Journey.


The number of tourists visiting the least visited country in the world, Nauru. Due to phosphate mining, Micronesia’s microstate had the richest people in the world, which was a recipe for bankruptcy. Tourism, obviously, doesn’t contribute much to Pleasant Island’s piggy bank.


If you have some spare change, that’s the price you’ll pay for taking your family of four on the most extravagant vacation. This three-month trip will lead you from gorilla trekking in Africa to snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

Ticketmaster logo.


The Devil Sings Elton

The Devil Wears Prada musical, based on the blockbuster film and bestselling novel, is coming to London’s Dominion Theatre in October 2024. With an original score by music legend Elton John, lyrics by Shaina Taub, and direction by Jerry Mitchell, the musical on high heels promises a devilishly good time. Get the hottest tickets of 2024 in presale on Ticketmaster!

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This is the archived version of our free weekly newsletter. To start receiving it in your mailbox on the send-out day, join the newsletter list!


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Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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