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Hi from Zagreb!

There’s only one Zagreb in the world. So no room for confusion. It’s not like I’m Madonna, who can mistake Toronto for Boston.

However, I did experience post-flight confusion during my travels. Some of these disorientation episodes were about ‘where’, but others were about – ‘when’.

I remember, back in 2017, when crossing from the Indonesian island of Java to Bali, I somehow skipped an entire day in a resort I booked. When I finally figured out I was arriving a day later, I even ordered a pick-up at the wrong time. It never occurred to me that the two islands in the same country would be in different time zones.

Time travel is not a biggie for Taylor Swift, who just became the first artist to win four Grammies in the ‘Album of the Year’ category. After performing in Japan, the superstar plans to leave Tokyo this Sunday at 1 am and, thanks to crossing the international date line, still arrive in Las Vegas for a late dinner reservation on – Saturday, a day before the Super Bowl.

Can’t get your head around this time travel? Trust me, there are much more confused people out there. More about them in the feature spotlight, but also…

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: On awards.
  • Images: Dress-ups, sculptures, and games.
  • Numbers: From noisy skis to noisy skies.
  • P.S.: Lovely discounts.

Have a time-saving week!

Ivan Kralj        


Kangaroo holding a sign "Welcome to Austria" with Alps in the background. Destination mix-up due to similar-sounding names is a common occurrence; AI image by Ivan Kralj / Dall-e / Adobe.

When Destinations Play Hide and Seek

Madonna recently had a linguistic malfunction in Toronto, greeting the concert crowd with a hearty “Are you ready, Boston?” Destination mix-ups can happen to anyone, but not everyone is brave enough to admit their confusion. In this feature, learn how amateur travelers, celebrities, and even travel pros ended up in the wrong hotels, cities, countries, or continents. Language mistakes can sometimes be frustrating, but these lost-in-translation experiences will hopefully make you laugh!




Tripadvisor travelers have chosen Dubai as the top destination (again). Tokyo took the 2024 trendsetter title, Copenhagen shined as the sustainable winner, while honeymooners romanticized Bali the most. In the nature category, Kathmandu, Nepal took the crown, Cuba owned culture, while Hanoi, Vietnam, served the best food. In the world of vegan travel, British Airways and Hilton snagged the PETA Travel Awards.


If you are a traveler with a disability, Asia will fly you the best. Skytrax applauded Tokyo Haneda as the most accessible airport globally. Japan’s capital airport also claimed the world’s cleanest title and the third-best airport overall, just after Singapore and Doha.


Pegasus Airlines pilots grounded a plane after hearing mysterious “Help me” cries from the cargo. Nobody was found. WestJet Encore pilots aborted the take-off after mistaking a cellphone ringtone for an emergency alert. Hearing false alarms is still better than silence; United pilots communicated with air traffic control via text messages after losing contact.




It’s Carnival time! On the 700th anniversary of his death, Venice is paying tribute to Marco Polo, the Tenerife Carnival celebrates television, but my favorite carnival images are always those beast-like creatures clanging bells in European villages. If that doesn’t scare you, travel back to 1930s Paris before Disneyland. Don a mask yourself, and discover more colorful festivities here!


At Lake Geneva, the one in Wisconsin (for all you destination mix-uppers who would book a flight to Switzerland), a group of Indigenous women showcase their roots through the art of snow sculpting.


Game on! Sarah Hawkins Miduski from Obligatory Traveler invited me to co-host the #Top4Theme Twitter challenge. This week, the topic is – games. Check out my games of thrones and trophies, and post your own photo replies on X!




The fine you will pay in Ischgl, Austria, for wearing ski boots between 8 pm and 6 am. This noise-preventing measure is just one of the penalties hitting skiers this winter.


The number of European school children facing learning impairment due to aircraft noise. Astonishing 22 million Europeans suffer chronic high annoyance as a result of environmental noise, leading to 12,000 premature deaths annually.


The projected increase of cruise ship passengers in 2024 over 2023. That totals more than 30 million passengers. With 10 new ships on the horizon, the global ocean cruise scene is set to accommodate 673,000 passengers across 360 ships.

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