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Hi from Medvednica!

Zagreb mountain is especially beautiful in autumn. My mom and I decided to get to the top by cable car.

The ride allowed us to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall foliage, but also to see the excitement of kiddos traveling in these flying trams. Every time our cabins would pass each other, little passengers from the other direction would wave like Japanese waving kitties, but on acid.

On the first such event, my mom enthusiastically waved back, thinking it must be someone we knew. That only goes to confirm my thoughts from a previous, much sadder Sljeme hike – mountains befriend us with strangers.

But there was another lesson here. “The weather will change, it would be a pity not to go while we can”, my mom said. Seizing the opportunity in the short window of time we have – well, isn’t that everything we should do when investing in ourselves?

By the way, Black Friday week is the perfect time for such investments. I’m sharing some great ways to do that below, but also…

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  • Words: Cruising, marketing, and horsing around.
  • Images: Nature, nature, and more nature.
  • Numbers: Cheap surprises and priceless experiences.
  • P.S.: Adventure awaits.

Have an investful week!

Ivan Kralj        


Bright shopping bags in different colors, on the floor of the out-of-focus shopping mall, Black Friday concept; photo by Nuraghies, Freepik.

Black Friday’s Bargain Bonanza

You don’t have to wait until November 24 to snatch incredible travel deals. Dive into our Black Friday guide, a treasure map leading you to discounts of 75% on accommodations and cruises, $40 off on flights, 70% off on tours, 50% off on camera gear, and much, much more. Feed your wanderlust with the best vacation offers, and act fast! These deals are flying off the shelves.




The pop sensation’s Eras Tour is slowly taking over the continents (even Christ the Redeemer couldn’t shake it off), but very soon, the oceans will fall too. In 2024, Swifties will be able to sail the Bahamas on a Taylor Swift-themed cruise.


After a controversial marketing acrobatics, the world’s leading hotel brand faced backlash. Hilton’s job call that asked Australians to submit TikTok videos instead of CVs was criticized as an insult to applicants’ dignity. In Japan, they had to apologize for an ad mocking traditional ryokans as outdated accommodation.


On a flight from New York to Belgium, a horse managed to escape its stall, requiring an emergency landing.




The year is coming to an end, and National Geographic picked the best among 2 million submitted photographs. From butterfly blankets in Mexico to wandering elephants in an Indian tea estate, there is a lot to reflect on in this picture collection.


At the Nature Talks Photo Festival in the Netherlands, the best wildlife photos were awarded. After last year’s winners, the polar bears living in a house, this time the unique spectacled bear from the Andes brought the title of the Nature Photographer of the Year to Canadian Jacquie Matechuk.


The Nature Conservancy also announced the winners of their 2023 photo contest earlier this month. The collection portrays the diversity of wildlife, landscapes, and climate, with an amphibian bringing the grand prize to Tibor Litauszki from Hungary.




The price in yen (about 7 cents) at Japan’s cheapest vending machines in Osaka. The only catch? You don’t know what you’re getting at this drinks-slot machine.


The amount of fortune passengers left at TSA’s airport checkpoints while undergoing security screening in 2023.


The age of Alfredo Aliaga, the oldest person to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. It took him 21 hours over two days to complete the trail, smashing the five-day record previously held by a 91-year-old (who, unfortunately, passed away). Any new challenger for Alfredo’s throne? Lace up your hiking boots, and break a leg!

TourRadar logo.

Epic Journeys, 70% Off

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This is the archived version of our free weekly newsletter. To start receiving it in your mailbox on the send-out day, join the newsletter list!

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Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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