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Hi from my hometown of Zagreb!

We may not know each other personally, but that is less important. One Swedish town decided to combat the epidemic of loneliness by encouraging its citizens to say more ‘hellos’. See what I told you when my friend Fathin passed away; greeting strangers does improve our lives!

This week, the somber reminder of life’s fragility hit close to home, with another loss of a young person. At 44, my childhood friend Lidija crumbled after the death of her mother, with no real social support around her to help her grieve. Sure, we could say she died of sadness, but I feel there is a more exact answer; she died of – us. With the deepest sense of guilt, I reflected on our responsibility for each other (it’s a longer text, in Croatian, but maybe your browser can translate it if interested).

It’s not just about what we do that affects others. It’s often about what we don’t do. A few months ago, Air Canada refused to divert a flight and perform an “expensive” landing to help a passenger with severe medical symptoms. He didn’t make it.

There’s a lot more to say about the troublesome choices of Air Canada, the star of this week’s feature, but also…

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: Pee, pray, and panic.
  • Images: Balloon spectacle, veggie art, and kangaroo concert.
  • Numbers: Tiny stay, mayor’s pay, and climate dismay.
  • P.S.: Cyber Monday savings!

Have a hi-saying week!

Ivan Kralj           


AI illustration of disabled passengers and their assistants queuing in front of Air Canada plane; image by Ivan Kralj, via DALL-E and Adobe.

Air Canada’s Flight Fiascos

Hundreds of wheelchairs and mobility scooters are mishandled by world airlines every month, with some incidents even caught on tape. But what disabled passengers had to endure when flying Canada’s largest airline – borders with unbelievable. Besides forgetting or damaging the mobility devices, the airline even treated their owners like baggage. Read the shocking tales of Air Canada’s disabled passengers.




As climate anxiety heats up, the world witnesses the breakup of the largest iceberg, five times the size of New York City. Meanwhile, the ski resorts are shutting down due to the lack of snow – in FranceSwitzerland, and Italy. Even snow-missing Alaska experienced a rare “ice window” phenomenon where skating resembles snorkeling.


The future of transportation is taking off. Companies are developing electric vehicles that can fly faster, farther, and greener than ever before. From flying cars and flying boats to fully electric planes, get ready for a UFO invasion in your neighborhood!


We’ve seen a fair share of unruly aircraft behavior this year, but last week’s events have outdone it all. From the woman threatening to pee in the aisle to the in-flight chaos involving an attempted exorcism, passengers on Frontier Airlines have crossed all frontiers.




New York traditionally celebrates Thanksgiving Day with a parade of giant balloons floating over Manhattan. If you want to float away in time, check out the Macy’s floats of the last century, while if you want to float away in space, check out how NASA astronauts marked Thanksgiving.


Just in time for Christmas, Oaxaca’s Night of the Radishes is another century-old quirky tradition. For Noche de Rábanos (December 23), the seemingly boring root veggies will turn into Mexican luchadores, nativity scenes, and whatnot. Move over, gingerbread houses!


The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrate hilarious animal moments. This year’s overall winner is an air guitar-playing kangaroo. My girl with a toast running away from Nara deer would not stand a chance, but if you have a funny animal photo to share, please send it over!




The width in meters of the slimmest world hotel, built in Indonesia. Now, that’s cozy!


The annual budget of Ottawa’s new “night mayor”, expected to spice up the town’s boring nightlife.


The number of years it would take an average person to produce as much carbon as the richest billionaires do in a year. The outsized emissions of the world’s wealthiest will cause 1.3 million heat-related excess deaths before 2030.

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