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Greetings from Zagreb!

As I count my last weeks in the flat that I called home for 10 years (well, I didn’t spend them all here, but my stuff sure did!), I’m reminded that home is merely a social construct.

We can all move from here to there, but we cannot yet leave the planet. Our only true home is a seemingly large place, yet with limited resources. So why fret over a temporary housing hiccup in Croatia?

Last week’s Earth Day may be just an annual parade of environment-friendly slogans. But what truly counts is what we do on the other days.

For instance, listen to this: Earth is now entering streaming platforms. If you want to support the planet, turn on the sounds of nature on Spotify and let her collect Sounds Right royalties.

A recent study published in Nature revealed a surprising fact: the tree cover of the planet has actually expanded over the last 35 years. But hold your applause. Climate change has been pulling the strings behind this seemingly positive trend. Rising temperatures allowed forests to grow closer to the poles, but tropical biodiversity is hanging by a thread.

We f***ed it up, pardon my French. You may unpardon my French in the Feature Spotlight.

Wherever you call home, don’t just hug a tree. Plant one!

Find this in today’s newsletter:

  • Words: From scary to creepy.
  • Images: Orange, red, and the full kaleidoscope.
  • Numbers: Breaking a leg at the airport.
  • P.S.: Vroom vroom.

Have a tree-mendous week!

Ivan Kralj        

Silly Side: Why did the tourist bring a ladder to the Louvre? They heard the art was on another level and wanted a closer look. Stay grounded with this week's travel roundup, and click on the stories that piqued your curiosity!


French Riviera or Cote d' Azur, one of the best places to visit in the South of France, aerial view of boats anchored in the azure waters of the coastline; photo by Julius Hildebrandt, Unsplash.


Sun, Sea, and Sips – Your Southern France Retreat

Pack your bags and leave the mundane behind because the South of France is calling, and it’s not for a conference call! With our recommendations, get ready to swap spreadsheets for vineyards, your office chair for a beach chaise, and your business casual for, well, just casual. Warning: Side effects may include an overdose of relaxation, spontaneous gastro pleasures, and an irresistible urge to say “Oui” to everything.




Since January, Boeing has been dropping more than just jaw-dropping news. The door-plug fiasco episode turned into a real-life drama series. The latest piece of equipment that fell off midflight was an emergency exit slide on a Delta flight from New York to LA. Boeing’s groundings are now causing more drops – in airlines’ bank accounts. Southwest, with its all-737 fleet, just shut down operations at four airports. Earlier, one of Boeing’s quality engineers, a whistleblower Sam Salehpour said that the 787 Dreamliner could fall apart during the flight.


Nine out of ten of the world’s most walkable cities are in Europe, with Munich, Milan, Warsaw, Helsinki, and Paris leading the march. Well done for Milan claiming the spot number 2, especially as nighttime walks to get a scoop of gelato could soon be banned.


Last summer, Mallorca’s locals turned pranksters, putting up fake warning signs deterring tourists from beaches supposedly infested by jellyfish or sewage. But what happened last week at Palma Airport was even more bizarre. A woman bought a coffee from a vending machine. After she noticed a strange taste, she found a swarm of bugs floating in her drink. The 21-year-old landed in a hospital bed, fighting for her life.




As clouds of Saharan dust moved over the Mediterranean Sea, Athens turned a shade of Martian orange. In northern Europe, the Netherlands also embraced the carrot hues – by choice. On King’s Day, everyone donned the national color from head to toe, to celebrate the monarch’s birthday.


Moulin Rouge, the iconic cabaret venue in Paris, got stripped overnight. After 135 years of spinning, the sails of the red windmill fell off, together with the letters “MOU”.


Over in Ohio, a sky threw its own disco party. The meteorologists explained the rainbow-colored swirl as cloud iridescence, when tiny ice crystals in a thin cloud make a spectrum of colors visible. Eventually, science will explain everything, and the noble discipline is portrayed in this week’s #Top4Theme X challenge.




The amount a taxi driver in Cancun, Mexico, charged Xavier Cormier for a mere 2-minute ride between airport terminals. Luckily, the Canadian tourist is an athlete so he managed to hop back in the cab when the driver tried to flee with his bags. Xavier narrowly avoided breaking a leg in the process.


The jackpot a fortunate individual won while playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Las Vegas airport. Supposedly, after breaking a leg, they never boarded their onward flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

£5 million

The hefty amount Andreas Wuchner seeks from British Airways after slipping on a puddle of Baileys liqueur at London Heathrow. The Swiss man claims the incident resulted in headaches, concentration issues, and memory loss that eventually destroyed his business.

Discover Cars logo.


The Driver’s Digest – Best Countries for a Spin

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Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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