The Best Day Trips from Southampton When You’re Tight on Time

Sunset in Southampton, with the outlines of a cruise ship, nightscape; photo by Frankie Lu, Unsplash.

From an embarkation point for the Normandy landings (D-Day) to the port that Titanic left on her maiden voyage, Southampton built a historic reputation as a place of great departures. The English city served as an important port of ocean liners and continued to be a hub for luxury cruising. But Southampton has much more to offer than just saying goodbye to its visitors. There are many exciting things to do in and around Southampton, even if you only have a day to spare.

Queen Elizabeth 2 ship in Southampton in the 1960s; 35mm film slide scan by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
Queen Elizabeth 2 ship in Southampton in the 1960s

Of course, the town offers numerous heritage landmarks, museums and galleries, as well as walking trails covering everything from Old Town history to street art. But many visitors come for one thing in particular. As the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton welcomes more than 2 million cruise passengers every year.

If you’re leaving Southampton for a great voyage, it always makes sense to arrive a day or two before departure. For one, you don’t want a potential flight delay to affect your embarkation, but also – there are places to discover even before the official start of your cruise holidays.

Besides just exploring the vibrant town that blends history with modern life, you should maximize your stay with trips out of Southampton.

Day excursions would be a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the region’s history, culture, and various events that shaped the city.

In today’s article, we reveal 7 destinations for day trips from Southampton when you are on a tight schedule.

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7 day trips from Southampton you should consider

1. Winchester

If you are into medieval architecture or English literature, you will love exploring Winchester. This historic town is only a 30-minute drive northeast of Southampton.

The interior of Winchester Cathedral; photo by Mario La Pergola, Unsplash.
The interior of Winchester Cathedral

Once you are there, you can explore the ancient ruins and castles that reflect the glorious past of this place. You can visit the Winchester Cathedral, Wolvesey Castle, and the Winchester City Mill. The biggest attraction here is the mysterious King Arthur’s round table in The Great Hall of Winchester Castle.

You can drive a bit further to Chawton to see Jane Austen’s House, where she wrote some of her great literary works.

If you are with a kid, you can also explore the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

If you haven't been to the Old Continent before, consider this Europe itinerary for first-timers.

2. Marwell Zoo

If you’re with a family, you can head for a day trip to Marwell Zoo. Located just a 30-minute ride from Southampton, Marwell Zoo has hundreds of animals, such as leopards, giraffes, tigers, and meerkats.

One of four white rhinos, near threatened animals, at Marwell Zoo near Southampton; photo by Richard Beaman.
One of four near-threatened white rhinos at Marwell Zoo

With its 57-hectare park and 5 adventure play areas, this is a perfect place to explore when you want to keep your kids entertained when you are short on time.

Learn how Basel Zoo is saving rhinos, and get inspired by Matjaž Krivic's photographs of the last northern white rhinos in the world. 

3. Lyndhurst

If you have a day to spare in Southampton, visiting Lyndhurst would offer you an experience like no other. This is a perfect place for those who love walking and cycling as you can explore the New Forest National Park while finding out more about the forest’s history and heritage.

Trees of the New Forest National Park in Lyndhurst; photo by Andrew Johnson, Unsplash.
New Forest National Park has been operating as a royal hunting ground since the 11th century

This tiny town might surprise you with the number of tea rooms, pubs, cafes, fine dining restaurants, and ice parlors you can find here. Lyndhurst is just a 25-minute drive from Southampton, securing a quick return by the end of the day.

4. Bournemouth

Almost an hour’s drive southwest and you will end up in the seaside town of Bournemouth. Here you can walk the award-winning beaches and Victorian piers.

Bournemouth Pier and beach, photo by Dami Akinbode, Unsplash.
The historic landmark of Bournemouth Pier

The town is also known for its quirky architecture and art. While you are in Bournemouth, you can also explore the Upper, Central, and Lower Gardens.

Finish the town visit by treating yourself to a delicious meal as you overlook the English Channel.

5. Salisbury

Located northwest of Southampton, Salisbury is known for its captivating history and stunning cathedral. With its colossal spire, the Salisbury Cathedral dominates the skyline of the town.

Salisbury Cathedral, photo by Tzenik, Unsplash.
Salisbury Cathedral dates back to the 13th century

While you are on a day trip in Salisbury, you can explore the traditional shopping streets and the market square which still retains its medieval charm.

6. Stonehenge

Not too far from Salisbury lies the mysterious Stonehenge. This is one of the most visited sites in the UK as no one knows why this Neolithic monument was built.

Stonehenge, photo by Cajeo Zhang, Unsplash.
Because of the planned construction of a road tunnel under Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument could lose its UNESCO World Heritage status

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge dates back 5,000 years. It’s a day trip from Southampton you will not forget.

You can visit Stonehenge directly on your transfer from London to Southampton Cruise Terminal.

Did you know that Ethiopia has its own "Stonehenge"? Meet the Aksumite Empire gods!

7. Isle of Wight

If you are looking for sandy beaches and lots of history and heritage, you can enjoy a day trip to the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight cliffs; photo by Lison Zhao, Unsplash.
Isle of Wight’s magnificent cliffs

Just a couple of hours’ drive from Southampton, you can have a great time here exploring the outdoors, shopping at the local market, and eating delicious local food at various restaurants and pubs.

A practical way to organize your day trips from Southampton is by renting a car. But if you just want to relax, you can opt for a Southampton-Heahtrow transfer with an attraction of your choice. 

Day trips from Southampton – Conclusion

Southampton deserved its European cruise capital title for a reason. Whether it’s a week or two exploring Norwegian fjords, the best of Scandinavia and the Mediterranean Sea, or a Transatlantic journey to Florida, Southampton offers many exciting cruise destinations.

Southampton offers plenty of day trip options for curious travelers

But the town is more than just a cruise port. Whether you’re retracing the footsteps of Jane Austen in Winchester, channeling your inner David Attenborough at Marwell Zoo, or pondering the mysteries of Stonehenge, there are plenty of day trip options from Southampton, waiting for curious souls.

All you need to do is to pack some sense of adventure and your best map-reading skills (or just Google Maps). Embrace the unexpected, make those impromptu detours, sample the strange local delicacies, and snap even the most awkward selfies!

Southampton may be an important cruising port for seeing the world, but you can also see the best of the world while cruising around the town itself.

What is your favorite of Southampton day trips? 
Please comment if you already cruised from here, and share your experience!
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Southampton is not just a cruise capital of Europe, it is also a starting point of some exciting excursions you can take. These are the 7 best day trips from Southampton, UK!

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Queen Elizabeth 2 ship 1960s - 35mm film slide scan by Annie Spratt, Unsplash
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White rhino, Marwell Zoo – Richard Beaman
New Forest National Park - Andrew Johnson, Unsplash
Bournemouth Pier - Dami Akinbode, Unsplash
Salisbury Cathedral - Tzenik, Unsplash
Stonehenge - Cajeo Zhang, Unsplash
Isle of Wight - Lison Zhao, Unsplash
Southampton buildings (pin image) - Connor Holyday, Unsplash
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