Blogxiety or Blogger Burnout: How to Keep Calm and Blog On

Person working on a laptop next to aloe vera plant, top view; blogxiety or blogging anxiety is experienced by 2 out of 3 bloggers; photo by Corinne Kutz, Unsplash.

Blogxiety? I hear you saying: do we really need another portmanteau? A quick Google search tells us that blending the words “blog” and “anxiety” is not as new as you might think. Bloggers have been using this term to describe the symptoms of blogging-induced stress since at least 2006, always addressing the struggle to deliver results and leave impressions in a competitive environment.

Two thirds of travel bloggers experience blogxiety

Competition today is more fierce than ever, so it doesn’t surprise that research conducted by Travelpayouts showed that blogxiety is a common affliction among our kind. A whopping 68% of travel bloggers experienced the symptoms of burnout and stress from blogging. It is so prevalent that, practically, if you’re blogging and never felt that sinking feeling in your gut, you’re an odd one out. Maybe it’s time to get anxious about that!

Jokes aside, the world of blogging is only seemingly glamorous. When one scratches under the surface of polished posts and perfectly curated images, there’s a harsh reality of challenges and pressures that could overwhelm even the most seasoned blogger.

While blogging nominally opens endless possibilities for creative expression and sharing one’s thoughts with the world, blogxiety thrives on doubts and the constant pursuit of success.

Every third travel blogger contemplates a career change, which tells us that questioning one’s worth is a serious strike against confidence.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of frustrations, explore the origins, manifestations, and effects of blogxiety, and most importantly, practical strategies for overcoming it.

Travelpayouts study shows that 68% of travel bloggers experience symptoms of burnout, so-called blogxiety, and 33% of them reflect on changing their occupation; infographic by Travelpayouts.

Unveiling the Blogxiety Beast

There is only so much time in a day, and I sympathize with anyone who thinks they can stretch enough to respond to all expectations that are put in front of travel bloggers today.

It’s easy to fall short of these expectations. For me personally, even if for instance I know that Pipeaway’s readership is mostly organic, I still feel pressure to excel as social media performer too. It doesn’t bring much, but everyone’s doing it, right?

While performance pressure can lead to self-doubt, perfectionism can lead to self-imposed pressure. The fear of making mistakes or not meeting your own high standards can be overwhelming.

Even if some bloggers sweat over keyboards with writer’s block (sometimes before even launching the blog), Travelpayouts rightfully notices that blogxiety is caused by difficulties beyond content creation itself. Larger challenges travel bloggers face are SEO, monetization, or AI competition. These can support the fear of anticipated blog failure, resulting in sadness, lack of motivation, and anger. It can be a true rollercoaster of nervousness and anxious feelings.

The survey reveals that blogxiety is prevalent among travel bloggers, affecting both those who have been in the profession for several years and those who are just starting out.

Top sources of discouragement for travel bloggers are comparing themselves to other bloggers, social media overload, and not understanding technical issues, Travelpayouts survey shows; infographic by Travelpayouts.

Roots of blogxiety


The blogosphere can be a breeding ground for comparanoia. In a world of countless blogs, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your progress, readership, following, and success to that of other bloggers (usually “blogosphere gods”).

This deep rabbit hole is a recipe for blogxiety disaster, fueling feelings of inadequacy and stress. Remember, each blogger has a unique journey and audience, and constant measuring up to others is not helpful.

Drawing insights from Travelpayouts’ study, we can see that comparing oneself to successful bloggers is a major trigger for discouragement among travel bloggers. Practically, every other blogger shares these feelings. So, there’s a big chance you are comparing yourself to someone who feels equally insufficient!

Social media mayhem

In the age of social media, bloggers face the daunting task of maintaining an active online presence, managing accounts, and engaging with the audience. From crafting the perfect Instagram post to juggling various platforms like a circus performer, the pressure is never-ending and always increasing.

It’s essential to strive for healthy balance and authenticity. Remind yourself that it’s quite hard to dance salsa, tango, and breakdance all at once while wearing roller skates.

According to the study, over 42% of surveyed travel bloggers struggle with the overwhelming demands of managing multiple social media platforms effectively.

Limited technical skills

Search engine optimization, blog monetization, and battling against AI competitors add another layer of complexity to the blogging landscape. Our skills are constantly being tested, and even new Google Analytics could push you to the brink of blogxiety-induced madness.

Nobody was born a master, so if you cannot slay every dragon with a single stroke of your keyboard, don’t be too strict with yourself. Just like Rome, a successful blog cannot be built in a day.

Travelpayouts’ study highlights that 32% of travel bloggers reported stress because of the challenges of technical skills.

Burnout recovery always begins in the parasympathetic nervous system, so hitting the pause button regularly and getting some good rest and sleep is paramountFlic Taylor, burnout coach

Strategies for conquering blogxiety

To cope with blogxiety, bloggers can consider the following strategies:

1. Set realistic goals.

Establish achievable and measurable goals for your blog, considering your available time, resources, and expertise. No matter how small, celebrate your wins along the way to maintain motivation.

Remember that blogging is a long-term endeavor, and success often takes time. Embrace the learning process. Focus on your progress and personal growth rather than constantly comparing yourself to others.

2. Practice self-care.

Take breaks, prioritize self-care activities, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Allow yourself time to relax, recharge, and pursue other interests outside of blogging.

Burnout coach Flic Taylor champions rest, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and setting boundaries as weapons against burnout. We don’t have to say yes to everything, we can choose what to be available for. Nurturing one’s well-being is crucial for maintaining a healthy and sustainable blogging journey.

“Burnout recovery always begins in the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest response), so hitting the pause button regularly and getting some good rest and sleep is paramount”, Flic says.

3. Delegate.

Bloggers often wear multiple hats, stretching themselves thin while trying to grasp various responsibilities simultaneously. But why tackle every aspect of blogging on your own when you can share the workload? Learning to delegate tasks can alleviate stress, allow you to focus on what you love most, and prevent burnout.

Travelpayouts’ study suggests that travel bloggers yearn for assistance with challenging and routine responsibilities, such as website tech support (50% of respondents would love a helping hand in this department), affiliate link insertion (35%), and keyword research and integration (30%).

4. Seek support.

While blogging can sometimes feel like a solo expedition through uncharted territory, in reality, no blogger is an island, as there are tribes of like-minded people out there.

Connect with other bloggers facing similar challenges. Join blogging communities, participate in forums or social media groups, and share your experiences and concerns, but also triumphs. Supportive and empathizing networks can provide valuable advice, encouragement, and a sense of togetherness.

5. Seek professional help.

If blogxiety or associated anxiety symptoms persist and significantly impact your well-being, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help and support. Mental health professionals can provide guidance and strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

Travelpayouts research shows that blogging-related burnout is most common among professionals that have been in the business for several years (41%); pie chart by Travelpayouts.

Blogxiety Retreat for blogger burnout

To help out everyone still combating blogxiety, Travelpayouts is hosting a virtual getaway named Blogxiety Retreat.

Mark your calendars for July 27th, as you’ll be able to learn from two travel blogging powerhouses. Matthew Kepnes from and Jessie Festa from will share valuable insights, personal experiences, and practical advice on taming blogxiety and rediscovering a passion for travel blogging. The host of this webinar will be Chris Davila from

Besides hearing the setbacks and triumphs of successful bloggers, you’ll be able to find out your blogxiety level through a quiz, as well as grab some fabulous prizes!

Signing up for Travelpayouts will secure you a free invitation, but also unlock a treasure trove of earning opportunities (that’s solving your monetization doubts right there!). Their all-in-one travel partnership platform opens doors to over 100 travel partner programs you can affiliate with. I joined them recently, and it does remove the hassle of chasing each program’s payout minimums individually!

Do you know what else is great against anxiety? Check out weighted stuffed animals, they are not just for kids!

Blogxiety – Conclusion

Blogxiety may cast its shadow upon the blogging journey, but armed with practical strategies and a supportive community, it can be conquered.

By unmasking the sources of blogxiety and embracing self-care practices, travel bloggers can reignite their passion, find their unique voice, and navigate the blogging landscape with confidence.

The road to triumph is paved with detours, setbacks, and the occasional rogue algorithm update. But that’s not the end of the (blogging) world.

Remember, behind every successful blog lies a blogger who faced their fears head-on, dodged comparison traps, and just persevered.

Also, you are more than just your blog, and enjoying the process is just as important as the end results. Take a moment to savor the journey.

Embrace your creativity, trust your journey, keep calm and blog on!

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Two out of three travel bloggers experience symptoms of blogxiety, blog-induced anxiety and burnout. Learn about its roots and how to combat this stress on your blogging journey!

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