Travel Blog Writing Tips: Is There a Golden Hen?

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Invited by Alexa Williams-Meisler, the American author of the Break into Travel Writing podcast, 25 travel writers and bloggers from across the world shared their best travel blog writing tips.

Among the experts from the USA, Australia, Germany, UK, Portugal, South Africa, and Canada, Pipeaway’s editor-in-chief Ivan Kralj also offered tips to new travel journalists.

You can listen and read all tips for writing a travel blog in episode 155 of the podcast! Some of it is golden advice!

You don’t need to go bankrupt with a promise of a golden hen that might never hatchIvan Kralj

Speaking of gold, the internet is full of self-proclaimed gurus. They invite you to skip a 9-to-5 job, and become rich while traveling the world. The easiest way to achieve that seems to be through becoming poorer. You just need to pay them for learning the secret recipe to success. But one can start with basic tools, Ivan said.

“Invest in a nice WordPress theme, get a good camera, and just start writing and publishing. Have some money saved so you can invest yourself in this journey with fewer worries. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily find a golden hen this way! But one also doesn’t need to go bankrupt first with a promise of a hen that might never be hatched anyway”, were Ivan’s final words in this list of travel writing advice.

“Words of wisdom!”, commented the podcast host.

If you are interested in writing a travel blog, Break into Travel Writing is a good address to get some free advice on travel writing. Hearing travel blogging tips by 25 world authors who already went through the troubles of launching the first blog, is a solid starting point.

Through this selection of advice, you can also access a wider resource – profiles of featured travel writers. These include more information on how all of them started and grew their businesses.

For travel blog writing tips, listen to “Break into Travel Writing” podcast episode 155!
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