Croatian TV: Pipeaway Exploring Excellent Places You Have to Visit

Ivan Kralj is a world traveler, and there is almost no corner of the world where he hasn’t been”, this is how Croatian National Television‘s interview with Pipeaway blogger begins. Of course, it is not entirely accurate, as the world is a vast place, and could never be fully explored.

Yet, the journalist Elizabet Škrobo reported on Ivan’s Asian travels, particularly putting an accent on climbing Koh Ker pyramid or bathing with elephants in Cambodia, hiking Ijen Volcano in Indonesia, sleeping in Book and Bed hostel in Japan, or just plain traffic excitement in Vietnam where people use their motorbikes to transfer everything from trees and chickens to entire families.

The interview was published on the First Channel of Croatian National Television (HRT1), as a part of the youth TV show Daj pet(ak), on January 12th, 2018. The report is in Croatian language, and you can access it here or on Pipeaway’s Youtube channel.

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* pipe away ['paipǝ'wei] (vt, mar) = to give
the whistling signal for the ship about to
leave the harbor

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