Limalimo Lodge Review: Responsible Gateway to Simien Mountains

Fireplace with cozy sofas in the bar area of Limalimo Lodge at Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, photo by Ivan Kralj

During the Second World War, two Italians, Lima and Limo, built what was considered to be the most dangerous road in Ethiopia. Seven decades later, another Italian, architect Mario Balducci, made the luxury lodge at the end of this road, just above the village now bearing the name Limalimo. This boutique property in Simien Mountains was a brainchild of Shiferaw Asrat and Meles Yemata, two mountain guides who were showing the beauties of the national park to visitors. They wanted to make a difference in luxury accommodation – create jobs and opportunities for locals. And here it is today: Limalimo Lodge setting the example for the hotels in Africa that responsible and sustainable tourism efforts pay off!

Exterior of the room in Limalimo Lodge at Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, photo by Ivan Kralj
All houses at Limalimo Lodge blend with the environment – they have been made from the rammed earth sourced just here!

Thinking local

The town of Debark, the entrance to the Simien Mountains National Park, does not look as if it would be profiting much from its proximity to this jewel of nature. In 1978, UNESCO listed the park as the second-ever site of outstanding beauty. However, it seems that most of the income generated by tourism has not been reinvested in the infrastructure of the town. My feeling is it went into the private pockets, often of tour agencies in Gondar, who readily overcharge the tourists planning to explore this spectacular corner of the world. Local communities seemed forgotten.

With living roofs, renewable energy sources, and reusing of the wastewater, Limalimo Lodge reduces the environmental impact of your luxurious stay to a minimum

Limalimo Lodge founders specifically chose the hotel location in an area that was not gaining profits from tourism. Away from the established hiking routes, a piece of land with stunning views of the mountains was just waiting to become the home of Limalimo Lodge. Since 2016, this unique hotel has been the luxurious gateway to exploring the national park, with a responsible approach to the environment, local employment, and development.

Waking up au naturel

Located on 10 hectares of land on the edge of the dramatic Simien escarpment, twelve en-suite rooms are scattered around the site, just enough to provide privacy for all the guests. The massive windows are floor-to-ceiling after all, which does secure a very green backdrop to waking up. From your room, you might even see the unusual Gelada monkeys enjoying their breakfast in the large acacia trees. The lack of a TV set in the room is adequately replaced with this live version of the National Geographic channel happening just in front of your eyes!

Interior of the room in Limalimo Lodge at Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, with massive windows looking into nature, photo by Ivan Kralj
From the floor to the ceiling, green technology has been used to build the bright rooms of Limalimo Lodge

The rooms are spacious and simple. The comfortable Hypnos mattresses, approved by the British royalties, were flown from the UK. This is an exception to the rule: the local suppliers provided most of the materials for the lodge! For instance, disadvantaged women in Wolleka village produced very special twin sinks for the bathrooms! Accompanied by handmade Calendula soap and Sun-heated water, your morning wash routine can hardly get more environment-friendly than that!

The villagers are employees in the lodge, but they are also the ones who built it, respecting the rural traditions and using the most sensitive green technology at the same time. They constructed houses of locally collected rammed soil, eucalyptus wood, and thatch! Solar-powered smart lighting illuminates the pathways to your room at night. With living roofs, renewable energy sources, and reusing of the wastewater, Limalimo Lodge reduces the environmental impact of your luxurious stay to a minimum. If you want to add up to it, you can always buy some authentic and unique local products from the small hotel gift shop!

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Dining on the edge of the cliff

Limalimo Lodge rests at almost 3.000 meters above sea level. The best panoramic views of the mountains are reserved for the large central terrace attached to the restaurant and bar area. It is a spectacular place to enjoy the plentiful breakfast, the afternoon carrot cake with spiced tea, or the surprisingly tasty Ethiopian Syrah in the evenings.

Rich breakfast served on the terrace of Limalimo Lodge with stunning views of Simien Mountains, photo by Ivan Kralj
From porridge via avocado toast with the poached egg to fresh fruit, everything has to be delicious with such views!

All meals and beverages are included at Limalimo Lodge (except for imported premium drinks). Lunches and dinners are fixed menus of simple, elegantly served Western food with locally sourced produce. They could replace it with a typical Ethiopian injera-wats combination on request. For the romantics, it is possible to arrange to eat at the hidden forest location. For hikers, lunch packages are available.

Evenings in the mountains can get quite chilly. If you are heading to bed early, a hot water bottle will be provided to warm up your bed. Otherwise, the fire pit on the terrace and fireplaces in the restaurant and bar area are cozy places to play some board games, read a book, meet other guests, or just enjoy quiet decompression time.

Exterior of the main building of Limalimo Lodge nested in the greenery of Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, photo by Ivan Kralj
There is plenty of trekking possibilities around the Limalimo Lodge. If you are lucky, you might even encounter dozens of Gelada monkeys while hiking!

Stay active around Limalimo Lodge

Technically, Limalimo Lodge is in the area of Simien Mountains National Park. This means the guests will need to pay the registration fee at the park headquarters, as well as engage the local tour guide and scout for every day of the stay. They will escort you on shorter walks around the lodge or longer hikes in the area if you are looking for real adventure holidays.

It is also possible to visit the neighboring village of Limalimo Abo, and experience local food and drinks, or learn about farming and beekeeping.

Otherwise, relaxing in Limalimo Lodge is also an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Watching endemic birds flying over the breathtaking Simien Mountains, or enjoying the wind in your hair while using one of the swings, will reconnect you with Nature in no time!

Check out this stunning view from the terrace of Limalimo Lodge! And wait for a few seconds – Simien Mountain tops are not the only fascinating thing to see!

Responsible tourism at its best

It is a good feeling to know that 10 dollars from every night of your stay in Limalimo Lodge go towards local conservation projects executed by the African Wildlife Foundation (one of the initial investors of the lodge). The hotel is also actively involved in replacing the non-native species of trees (eucalyptus) with native species that are growing slower, but use less water as well as better support the local wildlife.

Sinks handmade by the women in Wolleka village, in the bathrooms of Limalimo Lodge at Simien Mountains, photo by Ivan Kralj
Handmade sinks, handmade soap, and naturemade plants in the bathrooms of Limalimo Lodge

Other initiatives that Limalimo supports are Pack for a Purpose, which motivates guests to donate supplies needed by the community, and Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service, which means that your stay in this hotel will help people from remote villages get free medical service!

The care for the natural and human environment is highlighted in the core business of this eco-lodge. It secures the peace of your mind while you enjoy one of the most amazing corners of the world.

Urban areas of Ethiopia can be very loud and exhausting for travelers, and Limalimo Lodge’s meditative environment certainly has healing effects. With no wifi available, it is a great place to disconnect from the world and connect with your inner self. Is there a better definition of – unwinding?

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Limalimo Lodge is the environment-friendly and socially responsible eco lodge in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Disclosure: My stay at the Limalimo Lodge was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. The Limilimo Lodge looks amazing! I’m so glad they are doing something for the local community, that is how every business should be run, but sadly it is rarely the case in tourism. I’d love to stay here!

  2. Those sinks looks so cool! I wonder what they are made of. Something like that would be the coolest souvenir ever if you could purchase one like it. What an interesting place!

    1. I am not sure if particular sinks are for sale, but there is plenty of other local crafts, available in the small shop, where one could buy the product of one’s choice and support the local economy.

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