15 Summer Must-Haves for 2023: The Hottest Products at Coolest Prices

Cheerful girl in swimsuit covering eyes with sliced oranges while having fun in pool with pink inflatable ring; it's time to get essential products for the best season ever, with these summer must-haves! Photo by Kegfire, Depositphotos.

Summer has arrived, if you’ve been too busy to notice. That could mean your long-awaited dream holiday is just around the corner, but you still need some essential items to make the summer of 2023 one to remember. It isn’t too late to grab your summer must-haves!

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15 summer must-haves for 2023

Temperatures are rising and so are the expectations for the summer of 2023.

Get ready to bask in the glory of the season while scrolling through this curated selection of products that will take your summer game to a whole new level of awesomeness.

There are items that will protect you from the scorching heat, refresh your mind and body, keep you connected while on the go, and entertain you throughout your summer adventures.

Whether you decide to spend time with friends, family, or pets, this Amazon product guide should help you make this summer one for the books. Here come the top 15 summer must-haves for 2023!

1. Glowing sunscreen

Glowing sunscreen packages by Supergoop, Glow Recipe and Tula, summer must-have items on Amazon.
Glowscreen magic at your fingertips

TikTok went bonkers over glowing sunscreen or, as the cool kids call it, glowscreen. When you slather this broad-spectrum sunscreen onto your skin, you get an instant glow-up.

This pearlescent finish helps filter blue light. Unlike typical sunscreens, it doesn’t leave a greasy, oily mess, instead giving your sun-exposed skin a dewy look. The glowscreen boosts moisture with add-ons such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and niacinamide.

The hydration powerhouse comes in a variety of options including sea lavender, watermelon, and tropical fruits. Some of the most popular products in this category are Supergoop! with SPF 40 for $48, Glow Recipe with SPF 50 for $35, or Tula with SPF 30 for $56.

Whether you’re lounging on the best nude beaches in Greece, or just sipping a margarita by the pool, this level of protection promises sun-kissed adventures in a healthy way.

2. Folding sunglasses

Just like we understand the importance of protecting our skin from the sun, we know that our eyes deserve the same care. If you want a practical solution, foldable sunglasses could fit in your pocket!

Foldable sunglasses Foldies, one of the summer must-haves on Amazon.
Foldies – the shades that fold like a contortionist

The Foldies are not just a cheap gimmick. They are scratch-resistant, polarized, and have UV protection coating. They will not be just a fashion-forward accessory for your beach time (even if they do come in stylish varieties, from classic and trendy to retro silhouettes), but also a well-constructed quality shade your eyes deserve.

Its compact design guarantees that you can easily put them away without worrying about some bulky case, which is practical and hassle-free.

These premium sunglasses come with a two-year warranty, and during Amazon Prime Days, you can snag a pair of them for just $71.20.

3. Foldable solar panel

Road trips are in vogue this summer, so if you’re heading off-grid, you better prepare for the ultimate test of independence. Solar panels that can provide the benefits of civilization without sacrificing your wild side, are those that can be folded when you need to store them or transport them around.

Foldable solar panel by Dokio, one of the summer must-have products on Amazon.
Foldable factory – when you need solar power on the go

Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome panels that make you feel like you’re lugging around a mini power station. These foldable wonders are here to save the day!

While adored by travelers who love hiking in nature or camping for days, portable solar panels have also experienced an increased demand from location-independent workers. If you can stay connected while living your best van-life dreams in the most remote locations, there’s nothing that can stop both your business success and private joys.

Plan your summer holidays with this super slim and lightweight foldable solar panel kit by Dokio. For just $229, you’ll have the power of the sun at your fingertips.

4. Beach tent

When the sun gets high, you can easily forget its power and get burned without noticing, especially if you tend to fall asleep while suntanning. You close your eyes for “one minute”, and the next thing you know, you’re looking like a freshly boiled lobster. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Beach tent by Venustas, one of the must-have products for summer season 2023 on Amazon.
Pop-up tent – your personal sun fortress

This beach tent by Venustas is a sun shield so mighty that it can accommodate a whole squad of beach bums. It comes in sizes for 3 to 8 people!

The sun shelter provides UPF 50+ UV protection and has four-sided ventilation allowing a cooling breeze. For the full impression of a private oasis, only camels will be missing.

There are no complicated assembly instructions or frustrating tent-pole battles. Easily set up in just one minute, this versatile beach canopy can also improve your camping experience, fishing trip, music festival, or even a leisurely picnic in the park.

Depending on the size you choose, the lightweight pop-up tent will cost you anywhere from $33.99 to $99.99.

5. Pickleball set

Even if pickleball was invented back in 1965, this quirky sport is the talk of the town this season. Like a lovechild of tennis and ping-pong, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the US in recent years.

Pickleball set by Joncaye, one of the fastest-growing sports in USA, now on Amazon summer deals.
Pickleball set for the game that’s kind of a big dill

Pickleball set by JoncAye provides you with everything you need to play this fun game: four top-notch fiberglass racquets, four balls, replacement grip tapes, and bags for carrying your pickleball arsenal.

If you are looking for an active way to bond with your family or a group of friends, a pickleball tournament is a perfect recipe for laughter, friendly competition, and epic rallies that will have you sweating and smiling all at once.

This particular pickleball set suitable for beginners and intermediate players is currently at a 15% discount and costs $73.94.

6. Mermaid tail

From Disney‘s enchanting “The Little Mermaid” to binge-watching “MerPeople” on Netflix, it seems that swimming in fins is everywhere. Why would you dive like a mere human, when you can unleash your fish half with one of the hottest summer must-haves?

Mermaid tail by Sun Tails, one of the hottest summer products on Amazon.
The siren call of the mermaid’s tail

Mermaid monofin with a realistic scale design will make heads turn faster than a spinning whirlpool. Once you get the groove with the dolphin kick, you’ll move through the water gracefully, effortlessly, and efficiently as if you were born like a sea siren.

Available in children and adult sizes, Sun Tails monofin ensures that merfolk of all ages can take part in the fun. It also comes in a variety of colors, from the shimmering Aurora Borealis to the vibrant Bahama Pink.

Mermaid tails cost between $69.95 and $79.95.

7. Supersized water mat

Floaties have been a true summer craze in recent years, but most of them serve one up to several people only. If you’ve got a crew of water-loving adventurers, you’ll need something bigger, bolder, and more buoyant to double the fun.

People having fun jumping into the lake from a supersized floating water mat by Aqua, one of the summer must-haves of 2023 on Amazon.
If you ever dreamed of a private island, Aqua floating mat is the most affordable on the market

The solution is called an Aqua supersized floating water mat. Its outstanding buoyancy and stability extend the weight capacity up to almost half a ton. The floating playground has mooring loops so you can easily anchor it to a boat or a shore, without worrying about drifting off into the sunset.

Made from material that’s 60% thicker than average pool floats, the supersized water mat can withstand quite a few people. And as it comes with built-in zippers, technically you can order as many mats as you want and safely connect them to a floating island. Or a continent, depending on your budget.

This expandable XXL floatie can be yours at a 24% discount these days, or more concrete: at a price of $134.29.

8. Fruit-infuser water bottle

Staying hydrated during scorching summers can be a challenge, and plain old water can get boring really fast. Hydration can still be an adventure with fruit-infused water that provides much more delightful refreshment.

Fruit-infuser water bottle by Brimma, at half price on Amazon, one of the best summer deals.
Sip your way to fruity hydration with Brimma water bottle

But you don’t have to buy overpriced and questionably healthy products from a local store. Brimma fruit infuser water bottle allows you to create your very own flavored water, with fruit of your choice.

As an inspired mixologist, you can add luscious berries, zesty citruses, tantalizing kiwis, or even a touch of mint or veggie magic to your fruity elixir. The flavors will meld into a hydrating symphony! This fancy-schmancy product will motivate you to drink more and stay healthier.

The fruit-infuser water bottle is a Prime deal that can be delivered to your doorstep free of charge, and the price is ripe with savings – just $13.89, half the usual cost. Now, that’s one fruitful investment!

9. Cooling towel

You don’t need to visit a fancy restaurant, stay at a high-end hotel or fly with top airlines to get a refreshing towel when you need it. Why wouldn’t you have your own set?

Set of six colorful cooling towels by YQXCC, available on Amazon.
Beat the heat with cooling towel wizardry

These cooling towels by YQXCC are made of microfiber material that is hyper-evaporative and breathable. It’s softer than a cloud and more absorbent than your average sponge.

All you need to do is soak it in water, give it a little wring, and when you drape it around your neck, it will magically work like a portable air-conditioner.

Prevent heatstroke and protect yourself against the sun on hot summer days with these chilly towels, wherever you go.

Sharing is caring, so at the moment, the 6-pack of these amazing cooling towels is discounted by 23%, making it an absolute steal at $16.14.

10. Portable neck fan

Warm weather is more often hot weather in this age of climate change, and spending time outside in the sweltering inferno is not always the most pleasurable. When the temperatures soar as if you have stepped into Hades itself, the following product will help you stay cool as a cucumber.

Innovative portable neck fan by DGLK, one of the summer must-haves on Amazon.
This summer, you’ll be the neck fan‘s biggest fan!

The innovative portable neck fan by DGLK cools you down while practically hanging around your neck. There are no blades and no fear that it would entangle your hair or beard.

With a fully charged battery, the nifty fan will blow your mind and your sweat-drenched face with a continuous stream of refreshing air for anything between 3.5 and 16 hours (depending on the wind speed you choose to use).

The 360°heat dissipation and hands-free design that adjusts to any neck size make it a convenient summer product that we don’t know how we lived without before.

Get your personal super strong battery-operated neck fan for the low, low price of $19.99! If you can’t find your wallet, it’s probably somewhere nearby, performing a little happy dance.

11. Mister stand

No, that’s not some dapper gentleman standing next to you, but a stand that produces mist – a great method for colling yourself down in the heat of summer, when even the most composed among us can melt faster than an ice cream cone in a sauna.

Cobra mist stand by Pocket Panda, a superb method for cooling down during summer, available on Amazon.
Mister stand – the snake you want to see in your garden

The Cobra misting cooling system by Pocket Panda will be a great add-on to your garden, backyard, pool area, or even greenhouse. Anyone from birds to dogs, from plants to humans, can enjoy some refreshment when temperatures become unbearable.

The freestanding wonder is as flexible as a contortionist on a yoga retreat. With its adjustable design, the snake-resembling device can cover the area of your choosing, whether you prefer a 120°, 240°, or even a full 360° angle range.

The mister stand, one of our top summer must-haves of 2023, is currently discounted by 8%, and it can be yours for only $23.99.

12. Reusable water balloons

Another way to refresh oneself during the summer heat is to incorporate a playful activity such as water balloon throwing. Instead of polluting the world with disposable water bombs like there’s no tomorrow, opt for the reusable magnetic water balloons by Smasiagon.

Reusable colorful magnetic water balloons by Smasiagon, a fun way to cool oneself down in summer; available on Amazon.
Water balloons charged. Let the war begin!

These latex-free silicone water toys guarantee a fantastic summer party where nobody will stay dry or worry about allergies.

They will last for the entire season because, unlike traditional water balloons that are one-hit wonders, these ones can withstand at least 1,000 throws. That’s more splash for your cash!

The environment and wallet-friendly solution can improve your pool fun while you create your own version of the Songkran Festival, without spending on a ticket to Asia.

This 16-pack deal of reusable water balloons currently comes with a 15% discount and costs $33.99.

13. Dog pool

Don’t forget your furry friend! Your four-legged pal also deserves an enjoyable summer play, and the anti-slip dog pool comes to the rescue.

Little girl and a dog splashing in a dog pool by Peteast, one of the summer must-haves for a furry friend; available on Amazon.
Pup’s pool welcomes human pals too

This dog splash pad by Peteast is made from durable PVC that can handle the heat of the sun and your pal’s claws.

Getting the fun started is as easy as a wag of a tail. All you need to do is plug the sprinkler pad into your garden hose, and pool playtime can begin.

There are different sizes available, and the largest dog pool is currently splashing onto the scene with a cool 18% discount, making it a steal at just $32.99.

14. Cat hammock

Your purring pet might not be a fan of water-based adventures, but that doesn’t mean you cannot surprise it with, for instance, a little sunbathing terrace.

Cat hammock, attachable on any window, a must-have product for feline pets this summer, by Pefuny, on Amazon.
Feline hammock: even cats deserve suntanning in style

The cat hammock by Pefuny can be mounted on any window, providing your feline friend a front-row seat to all the thrilling outdoor action.

This cat perch will surely serve not only as a VIP birdwatching platform, a squirrel surveillance deck, and a luxurious sunbed but also as the ultimate stop for those after-lunch napping siestas. Your kitten won’t want to leave the super soft flannel mat.

With a solid but removable frame, the cat hammock/lounge saves space in your flat, but also gives a sense of familiarity if you take it on the road.

The cat hammock is currently available for $21.99, which includes a 15% discount.

15. Camera drone

To keep all your fantastic memories of summer 2023, you should consider capturing them with a drone. Every destination looks better when seen from the bird’s territory – the skies.

Bwine F7 drone flying at night time above a camping scene; one of the hot summer deals on Amazon.
With Bwine F7 drone, flying is available even for the night owls

Bwine‘s professional-grade drone with a 4k video camera is a toy for adults. It is equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor and night vision capabilities and provides a total of 75 minutes of flight time per trip.

Resistant to 6-level winds, it will provide ultra-clear and stable videos and pictures even in the thin air of the high mountains.

Learning to fly a drone can be a bit daunting, but you can start with a beginner’s mode, ensuring you can take to the skies with confidence. With its nifty follow-me feature and auto return home, if it ever loses a signal, you can be relaxed while learning. Even if you damage the drone, there is a 2-year warranty, so you can really enjoy advancing in aerial photography with ease.

Check out the Bwine F7 drone that’s currently discounted from $699.99 to $423.99.

Summer Must-Haves 2023 – Conclusion

Summer is a time for sun-soaked adventures, spontaneous road trips, and endless fun. Hopefully, this list of 15 must-have products for this summer has inspired your vacation plan.

These summer must-haves are your ticket to a fantastic holiday at equally fantastic prices

Whether you’re looking into basking in the sun, embarking on a road trip, or enjoying outdoor activities, there are ways to make your sunny escapades more convenient and comfortable.

Amazon summer sale 2023 is promising a season of affordable opportunities. If you’re looking to protect yourself from the sun, refresh with outdoor gear, stay connected while on the go, or entertain yourself with offline games and downloaded books or movies, this sale offers a plethora of products at discounted prices. Take advantage of the savings and snag these deals while they are hot!

Even if you miss some of the deals, these summer must-haves can still be your ticket to a fantastic holiday at equally fantastic prices. As the temperature rises, let these products be your trusted companions that will upgrade the function and magic of your adventures.

Enhance your summer experience and happy shopping!

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