True Master of Traveling in a Brave Adventure, Croatian TV Reports

Croatian national television HRT interviewed Pipeaway‘s founder Ivan Kralj. Known as a journalist and cultural producer in his home country, Ivan took the world as his new stage. He turned travel blogger three years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since.

In a lack of fear of tomorrow, reducing the curiosity for the world was never an option

Interviewed by an experienced TV journalist Nensi Profaca, Ivan revealed that there WAS life beyond the national journalist career and organizing successful local events such as Festival Novog Cirkusa (the New Circus Festival). The report emphasized gathering courage for life-changing decisions, such as abandoning the security of a permanent job and fixed place of residence. But also – decades of growing stress.

“ is the website where Ivan records his travel adventures. It started as a place for noting one’s memories, but today he writes for everyone interested in traveling. Travelholics from all sides of the globe read about his, at first uncertain, adventure into the unknown”, the reporter said.

Good experiences and even better causes

Experiences, such as climbing daunting Norwegian cliffs, surfing in Bali, feeding hyenas in Ethiopia, hanging out with elephants in Cambodia, diving in the Philippines, or hiking the toxic volcano in Indonesia, ennobled Ivan’s life, the reporter explained, and “today, he is a true master of traveling”.

In a lack of fear of tomorrow, reducing the curiosity for the world was never an option for Pipeaway’s editor. The coverage further discussed the economy of traveling and its hardships, but also enriching experiences.

One of the "Circus of Postcards" postcard: Contortionist girl from Arba Minch Circus feeding a donkey in an unusual backbending pose, Arba Minch, Ethiopia, photo by Ivan Kralj
Arba Minch Circus performer was one of the amazing people Ivan met on his world journey

One such was building connections with Arba Minch Circus, a social circus project aiming to save African kids from the dangers of the street and return them to schools. Ivan Kralj launched the Circus of Postcards, a project to raise funds for this circus group. “When you see that you can use the same kind of effort that you invested for something else before, and truly change someone’s world there, I see no argument to work any other way”, Ivan concluded.

Croatian National Television (HRT1) published this report in the frame of the daily lifestyle show “Kod nas doma”, on December 17th, 2019. The report is in Croatian language and you can access it at the top of this post or on Pipeaway’s YouTube channel.

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