Heart-Shaped Island up for Sale: 13 Million Euros Buys You Galešnjak Love Story

Croatian island of Galešnjak as seen from the air, the heart-shaped island is up for sale, aerial photo by Boris Kačan.

The famous Croatian heart-shaped island is up for sale! The unique property appeared in local classified ads: Galešnjak, also known as the Love Island, is on the market, and you can call it yours for 13 million Euros!

If you are still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, this one would certainly be a showstopper no lover could ignore.

But before you dig deep into your pockets, it’s good to know that only a third of the island is available for purchase.

If you have 155 million dollars, you can even buy yourself an island that resembles a hat! Find it in our list of the most unusual island shapes!

Opportunity for elite tourism?

As Silvestro Kardum, the representative of the sellers, explained to the local media: “It is about four connected plots owned by several owners with a total area of ​​about 32-33 thousand square meters.”

Update: At the beginning of February 2023, another plot has been added to the stack, so the initial price of 10 million Euros has been raised to 13 million, and now you’ll get 40 thousand square meters for that sum!

“There is maquis scrub on that land, and there used to be olive trees before. All ownership papers are in order and the owners are registered. The owners are from Mrljan on the island of Pašman. The owners of the rest of the island were not interested in selling.”

… an excellent opportunity for agricultural elite tourism with a villa and/or restaurant…Ad for the sale of Galešnjak, the heart-shaped island

Mr. Kardum, who once pursued a model career and goes by the nickname Baby, has a Facebook profile where he posts strong anti-vax statements and just occasional low-range property ads. He admits he doesn’t have a real estate agency, but just helps the owners of Galešnjak in achieving this hopeful transaction.

The ad for the sale of the famous Croatian heart-shaped island does have bold statements which you should double-check with your lawyers. It claims that one can register a family farm (known as OPG in Croatia) which supposedly entitles you to not only cultivate the three hectares of land, but also build 400 square meters above the ground, and 1.000 square meters of building underground. The ad calls it “an excellent opportunity for agricultural elite tourism with a villa and/or restaurant, and a large warehouse for olives, wine, and other herbs”.

Even if the possibility of building a solid structure on the island turns out to be true, it’s worth mentioning that Galešnjak is always under public scrutiny. Already when the Jureško family brought excavators to the island in 2013, to prepare the land for the olive groves, they changed the aerial image of the island, and the wounded heart received a strong public backlash.

If you don’t have a yacht, you can always access the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak from your private plane!

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13 million for a priceless heart-shaped island

Who can afford a piece of the heart-shaped island on sale? The first public comments under this news already call it a ridiculous offer.

“There are 15 co-owners on the island. You cash out millions, and then the remaining 14 quarreling co-owners f**k you with every piece of paper you have to get. The cattle are not able to resolve their co-ownership, and then sell it cleanly, and still ask for millions”, says one commenter.

“(…) You can build 400 square meters. According to which math could that be a good deal for someone? Only if you make a restaurant that sells a portion of sardines for 1 thousand Euros”, comments another one.

Well, if Galešnjak does find a buyer, maybe their motives would not be quick profits. It seems the ad is anyway shooting at wealthy individuals who see 13 million as pocket money.

“You can do something really unique with this real estate, especially when you have guests with yachts like Beyonce and Jay Z (Beyonce even celebrated her birthday there), Jeff Bezos, Michael Jordan, etc. parked all the time”, lists Silvestro just some of the rich and famous who anchored their boats in front of the Croatian heart island. “After all, who wouldn’t come to visit the only sea island naturally shaped in the shape of a heart in the world?”

And this is where the seller gets it wrong. As Pipeaway already extensively covered the story of romantic island geography, there are at least five heart-shaped islands in Croatia and at least two dozen heart islands in the world.

But then, you cannot buy them all, can you?

Would you consider buying a part of this heart-shaped island if you had money? Comment below! Or pin it for later, if you still need to think about it!

This heart-shaped island is up for sale! Read on to find out the price as well as if owning a part of Galešnjak in beautiful Croatia is worth it!

Ivan Kralj


Award-winning journalist and editor from Croatia

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