Hungarian Baths Dominate the List of European Thermal Treasures

Rudas Bath in Budapest is among the best Hungarian baths according to the list composed by The Yogi Wanderer, photo by Rudas Baths

The Yogi Wanderer website asked international travel experts to nominate the best thermal baths and hot springs in Europe. The Hungarian baths, one of which was suggested by Pipeaway’s author Ivan Kralj, topped the chart.

So who were the luckiest contenders? Szechenyi Baths open the article, quickly followed by Rudas Baths. The overview then transfers the readers from Budapest to Miskolc for unique Cave Baths.

Truth be told, Germany also has three respectful candidates on this list. But with the inclusion of thermal centers of Berehove (Ukraine) just at the border with Hungary, it seems that the Hungarian thermal basin has valid arguments for proclaiming victory.

The best Hungarian baths

So what makes Hungarian baths so special? “With more than 1,300 hot springs, this landlocked country is a thermal spa paradise”, writes the author Vanda Mendonça. Her pick was Szechenyi Baths, the largest European thermal bath with 15 indoor and three outdoor pools, many saunas, steam rooms, and massage cabinets.

With more than 1,300 hot springs, Hungary is a thermal spa paradiseVanda Mendonça, The Yogi Wanderer

Rudas Baths are the only Budapest bath that has separate women’s and men’s days. “(…) On single-sex days, visitors do not typically use traditional swimwear. Instead, they get apron-like loincloths at the entrance, which barely cover the most critical body parts from exposure. This might not be suitable for the shyest visitors, but the idea of visiting the baths is to relax, and not stress oneself, right?”, writes Pipeaway’s Ivan Kralj. If you are intrigued, read more about Rudas Baths here!

The Cave Baths in Miskolc are the third Hungarian bath on this comprehensive list. “With cave passages created over thousands of years filled with medicinal thermal water, you are going to have a wonderful experience at this lesser-known European thermal bath”, promises Linn Haglund from the Brainy Backpackers.

European baths are a cultural experience

Thermal water brings numerous health benefits to our bodies and souls. The Yogi Wanderer, specialized for bringing inner peace to world travelers, notices another important value: “(…) Bathing in hot spring water is also an important and centuries-old tradition across Europe. Visiting a European thermal bath is not just a wellness experience, but also a cultural experience you can’t miss.”

If you want to check which thermal baths and hot springs from other countries made it to The Yogi Wanderer’s list, read the original article. I will only mention that visitors of Hungary, Switzerland, Georgia, Iceland, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine will find that Europe has many thermal wonders to discover.

The Yogi Wanderer is Vanda Mendonça, a Portuguese journalist who felt trapped in her media job and found comfort in practicing yoga. She became a yoga teacher, but then also discovered that she can provide advice to mindful travelers through blogging.

What are your favorite thermal baths? Share your best spa experiences in the comments section below!
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The Hungarian baths dominate the list of the best European thermal baths composed by The Yogi Wanderer and travel experts. Rudas Baths, recommended by Pipeaway, is one of the oldest thermal complexes in Budapest. Check all 18 baths and hot springs you need to discover on your next European trip!

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