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A small boat on the shores of Paros Bay in Greece - what have been the bestselling bookings for accommodation properties in 2018 according to Pipeaway's readers? photo by Ivan Kralj

It might seem all shiny and luxurious – the life of a travel blogger regularly enjoying free stays in five-star resorts and securing perks regular travelers can only dream of! While being a travel writer does bring benefits into one’s traveling life, accommodation is not a gift from Santa Claus’s bottomless sack!

Like most other travelers, I manage to stay on the road for the major part of the year by paying for my accommodation. That means – by finding great hotel and hostel deals! While I’m checking many resources, the service I use the most is, which is why I also personally recommend it.

While the bookings in 2017 were suggesting the popularity of Southeastern Asia, the data of 2018 puts a spotlight on Southeastern Europe!

The good news is – you are using it too! In 2018, there have been 81.838 of you who have visited through Pipeaway’s affiliate links. And while the volume is confirming the trust you have in our recommendations, the concrete bookings you make can tell us more about the traveling trends of our users. While the bestselling bookings of 2017 have been putting the spotlight on Asia, the hit destinations, according to the data of 2018, are centered in Southeastern Europe!

Wherever you choose to travel in 2019, you can find some fantastic deals on But if you are a first time user, you might want to scroll down to the end of this article! I will be giving you an additional 10 percent discount on any booking deal you can find on that website!

But first, let’s see Pipeaway readers’ top accommodation choices in 2018!

Attic dormitory at Best Rest Guest House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the oldest city in Europe, photo by Ivan Kralj
Best Rest Guesthouse in Plovdiv regularly gets excellent reviews from its visitors

1. Best Rest Guest House, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In 2019, Plovdiv in Bulgaria is a European Capital of Culture. This will certainly make it one of the most attractive European destinations! If you didn’t know it already, this is the oldest continually inhabited city in the whole of Europe! Plovdiv is packed with historical heritage behind every corner. On the other side, it is urban, creative and artsy at the same time, making it a perfect destination for the younger travelers too! It is therefore not such a surprise that the Best Rest Guest House recommended in our article is your no. 1 choice. If you are heading to Plovdiv, book in advance, as good beds in 2019 will be selling fast! To find other propositions on what to do in the town, follow Pipeaway’s 24-hour itinerary through Plovdiv. guests review – 9,6/10

Bed set for sleeping placed on the Achladi Beach in Syros, in front of the Hotel Emily, one of the best beachfront hotels in Cyclades Islands, Greece
Some hotels, such as Emily Hotel in Syros, bring you centimeters away from the beach!

2. Hotels in Greece

Greece will definitely be a great summer destination in 2019! I was traveling through this beautiful country in May and June last year, and while I focused my writing mainly on Cyclades Islands, Delphi, and Mount Athos, there is so much more to explore in Greece! I will be probably heading back very soon! Here are some places whose popularity from 2018 will only grow:


Emily Hotel – Settled right on the Achladi Beach on the island of Syros, this small family-run hotel is just the right size! I wrote about it in the selection of the best beachfront hotels in the Cyclades. guests review – 9,8/10

Syra Suites – Not far from the previous hotel, Syra Suites offers luxurious, fully-equipped apartments. If you want to be self-sustainable during your Syros holidays, this should be your choice! guests review – 9,5/10

View of the sandy Vagia Beach from the daybed on the terrace of one of the rooms at Coco-Mat Eco Residences, Serifos, Greece, photo by Ivan Kralj
Having a view of one of the prettiest island beaches – isn’t that priceless?


Coco-Mat Eco Residences – Just above the Vagia Beach, one of the prettiest ones on Serifos, this hotel with exceptional breakfast places its rooms into the renovated miners’ houses. It was my top choice in the best Cycladic beachfront hotels! guests review – 9,1/10


Paros Bay Hotel – Another eco-friendly hotel on the island of Paros is showing great respect towards the traditional Greek island architecture, but also incorporates a nice pool to refresh yourself, in case that waves on the beach are too rough. guests review – 9,0/10

Zefi HotelNaoussa is a traditional fishermen village on the northern coast of Paros. Zefi Hotel centers around the lovely swimming pool, a great option when you are too lazy to even walk to the special beaches the area is famous for. Here is a selection of things to do in Naoussa. guests review – 8,0/10

Breakfast on the terrace of GKEEA Boutique Hotel in Ierissos, one of the departure ports for visiting Mount Athos monasteries, Greece, photo by Ivan Kralj
Breakfast in Gkeea’s restaurant is a great way to start a lazy day in Ierissos


Gkeea Boutique Hotel – This stylish property with a wonderful breakfast is located in Ierissos, one of the lazy towns at the entrance to the mystical Holly Mountain (Agion Oros). The peninsula is reserved only for men, so Gkeea is a perfect oasis for the female part of the family, as well as for men returning from visiting the ascetic Mount Athos monasteries. guests review – 9,5/10


Kastalia Boutique Hotel – If you are visiting Delphi, the center of the ancient world, Kastalia Boutique Hotel, run by a former plane crew couple, is a great choice! The portions in their restaurant are very generous, beware! guests review – 8,8/10

3. Hostels in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is another country in Southeastern Europe that comes with a lot to offer, for extremely affordable prices. My favorite thing to do in Budapest is visiting its amazing spas such as Rudas Baths, or just enjoying some extraordinary cultural events in the city such as the annual Sziget Festival.

Here are the hostels Pipeaway’s readers were booking in 2018:

Flow guests review – 8,8/10

Essential guests review – 8,0/10

Marco Polo Top guests review – 8,0/10

Pipeaway blogger Ivan Kralj on one of the loungers at the swimming pool of Zefi Hotel in Naoussa, Paros, Greece, photo by Mladen Koncar
You could be laying next to this pool in a matter of seconds! But don’t forget to claim your 10 percent reward!


Now that you got some ideas on where Pipeaway’s followers enjoyed staying in 2018, why don’t you look for your own getaway on

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Pipeaway readers have spoken - in 2018 these were the bestselling properties in Europe among our users. Visit the website to get your 10 % discount for your first hotel booking! You could be enjoying this pool at Paros Bay Hotel in Greece in no time!

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